How To Make The Outside Of Your House As Cozy As The Inside In One Weekend

How To Make The Outside Of Your House As Cozy As The Inside In One Weekend

It can be disheartening to get to the end of a long interior design or DIY project only to look out of the windows to see a yard that’s nowhere near as appealing as the nest you’ve spent all this time working on. Of course, you can treat the yard as a completely new project that requires planning, time, money and lots of work; however, you might prefer to spend a single weekend on it to get all those vital jobs were done which affect the appearance. This is a guide to giving your yard a big makeover in just a little time.

The Yard Itself

You don’t need to be a professional landscaper to mow neat strips into your lawn, you just have to raise the blades at the end of a row before you turn the mower around to do the next row from the opposite direction. Cut the grass short, then remove any dead and dying plants and bushes from your yard. This will either free you up some spaces for flowerbeds or it will pull focus to your existing flowerbeds, which you can then begin working on. To make it neater, choose a consistent color scheme for your flowerbeds and only use a maximum of two colors: too many, and it will be visually confusing.

Half-done Projects

Do you have an emptied pond with weeds growing in it or a patio with partially replaced slabs? We all have a few half-done projects around our yards which are off-putting, but there’s no time like the present to tackle them. Spend a day replacing rotten fencing, fitting a filter into the pond, repainting the shed, or doing whatever was left unfinished last time you worked on the yard. Also, take any junk piles to a refuse center.

Outdoor Furniture

Buy high quality, comfortable outdoor furniture which is resistant to the outside conditions, and make sure you have covers for all of it so that it doesn’t rot. Even if the furniture is completely resistant, you don’t want to have to clean the furniture every time you want to use it. When you’ve got cozy seating, and eating arrangements set up, then make sure you add finishing touches like stylish outdoor lighting fixtures and even an outdoor heater.

Cleaning and Tidying

There are some cleaning tasks which deal with the finer details of your yard, and you’ll see a dramatic change to your yard when you have completed them and take a step back and view the space holistically. Firstly, sweep the slabs and any other concrete areas in your yard, and remove any stains. Make sure no soil is spilling out of the flowerbeds – and for a neater look, add a layer of gravel on top of the topsoil, which will slow down the rate at which weeds grow. Make sure any wood, from the fences to the shed to any older yard furniture you might have, is either painted or varnished so that it isn’t rotting or collecting dust.

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