Marketing Vs. Sales A Comparative Analysis!

Marketing Vs. Sales: A Comparative Analysis!

Marketing and sales are both extremely important aspects of a business. In fact, these are the two departments where revenue is directly generated. However, it may be difficult to differentiate between the two.

This is especially true when it comes to small companies and organizations. Marketing and sales are usually blended into the same team here. As companies grow, the two departments usually separate and the business itself becomes more specialized. Below are a few differences between sales and marketing which would hopefully help in strategic planning:

1. Definitions

The definition of marketing is basically different from sales altogether. Marketing deals with the activities that bring clients and vendors together. This involves planning, implementing these plans, and controlling how the product or service is launched.

Sales, on the other hand, deal with the actual transaction. This is where money changes hands and ownership is transferred. This could be a product or service, such as providing coursework help UK.

2. The Approach

Marketing deals with a variety of activities designed to sell the product or service. This includes working on the relationship between a company and client. It is also concerned with predicting any future demand and how to fulfill them accordingly. Thus, it directly affects the level of production a company has.

Sales, though, is concerned with actually creating demand for any existing products or services. For instance, no one really needs to consume candy. However, it is presented in such a fun way in advertisement campaigns that one actually starts craving it.

3. Focus

When it comes to marketing, a company wants to promote their general image. For instance, Coca-Cola wants to be seen as essentially a fun and happening organization.

Another focus of marketing is in the distribution of the products and services. It would make the customer aware of where the things they want are available.

The main focus of sales is to meet the quota required. People working in sales are likely to do whatever it takes to meet their targets. If this is not done, the company would likely face a loss of revenue.

4. The Process

Marketing works through analyzing data. It would thus require studying the demand for a certain product or service. It would also measure the changes in these demands and whether they are seasonal. One example may be that people would buy a refrigerator only once in a few years. Bread, however, they would buy every day.

The marketing department would also work by looking at the competition. Their marketing strategy, promotions, deals, etc, are valuable information for any company.

The sales process, on the other hand, is mostly on an individual basis. This is why there are so many salespeople in one showroom. They would have to convince the buyer (or representative) to actually make the purchase.

5. The Ultimate Goal

Of course, one may say that marketing and sales have a common goal. It is true that they both work together for the progress of the company. however, their ultimate goals are separate and can be worked on in their own right as well.

The ultimate goal of marketing is to foster a good relationship between the company and the client. In some cases, such as non-profit organizations, marketing may be all one needs to focus on. They need to get the word out there and have as wide an outreach as possible.

In one way, we can assume that making sales are a goal of marketing in themselves. it is quite possible to sell without any deliberate marketing, but that wouldn’t get anyone very far. there is always some form of marketing or advertising involved in making sales. Even if it is word of mouth, it still requires some effort in the marketing area.


Organizations do not usually stay steady for long periods of time. They either slip back or expand. Stagnancy is simply not an option in the long run. Hence, businesses should think about what to do when they expand. For this, the difference between marketing and sales is essential. It is also important to understand the two in order to take certain decisions regarding them.

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