Loft Conversion

How To Plan Your Loft Conversion

Loft Conversion London helps to increase space in your house.  It’s less expensive than buying a new house.  Houses have been expensive in London.  A loft conversion will increase the value of your house if you are planning to sell it in the future.  Think of how many bedrooms do you want your loft to be.  Do you plan on using it as an office, master bedroom or a playroom? Do you want to add a shower, bathroom or a walk in closet?  Here are the things that you need to plan on your loft conversion.

  1. Measure the head height

The head height should be within building regulations requirement. You should have an enough space for a loft conversion. A height of 230 cm from your floor until the tallest part of your roof is already an enough head height to work with. If there is no enough head height you might want to consider loft extension.

  1. Loft Insulation

The old insulation needs to be removed and replaced. A 270 mm thick of insulation is enough and will also help in soundproofing your loft. Insulated boards are placed in between the rafters. Air goes around the insulation preventing the floor boards becoming damp.

  1. Staircase

Building regulations require a permanent staircase connected to your loft. You will need to decide if it would be a single stair wind staircase with balustrades. Another option is a spiral staircase that will save on space.

  1. Fire safety

The smoke alarm needs to be interlinked throughout your house.  You might need to install a 30-minute fire-resistant floor 30-minute fire-resistant stair enclosure. Fire exit doors need to be positioned on key areas of your house.  The good thing is it does not need to look like a door. Fire-escape windows are big enough that can be used as a fire exit and lets more light in your house.

  1. Heating, electricity, plumbing

This is where the biggest chunk of your budget will go to. The electrician will set up the heating, cables for lights, sockets, switches and smoke alarms. You need to be ready to decide where you want them to be installed in your loft.

  1. Loft windows

You need to decide what type of window design you want to be installed.  Electric windows are available so you can control them by using a remote control. Opening and closing the windows are way easier with the electric ones.  

  1. Floor reinforcement

Flooring joists and timbers will be installed. Joist hangers will secure them and will prevent floor movement. Check that screws should be used not nails on our floor boards because nails will tend to squeak after some time.

Painting and decorating your loft is also essential. You will have added bedrooms to free up some space in your house. The time it would take to finish your loft conversion needs to be considered. The price quote should be within your budget. The loft conversion will add more value and style in your house.

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