Nurturing Your Lawn

Nurturing Your Lawn

A beautiful healthy lawn is the envy of many people, however, acquiring one may appear to be difficult and time-consuming. It may even seem as if maintaining a healthy lawn year round requires costly fertilizers and plant foods, in addition to constant watering. However, none of these assumptions are true. Sensible watering and regular maintenance are all you need to cultivate a healthy lawn.

Rich Healthy Soil

Healthy soil is one of the most important ingredients necessary to create a beautiful lawn. Investing in a fertilizer with urea formaldehyde concentrate 85 is a helpful component because it increases the nitrogen levels in the soil. The increased health of the soil stimulates growth, and nitrogen is the elixir of growth in plants. Nitrogen comes from many sources, rain being one of them. The proper balance of nitrogen creates an ideal environment for growth, too much or too little are problematic for plants. Fertilizer is a balanced and controlled way to introduce more nitrogen into the soil.

Consistent Watering

Everyone knows that healthy grass requires water from time to time. Water keeps the soil hydrated and healthy, and with the help of the sun, encourages growth. It is extremely important that your lawn receives water consistently and also on an as needed basis. If your region has experienced a drought, you may need to water more frequently. Conversely, flooding would suggest that watering discontinues until the extreme conditions improve.

Unwelcome Visitors

Although a growing lawn and garden are desirable, all growth is not welcome. Weeds that grow in and around a lawn can repel the growth of grass and take over. It is for this reason that it is important to weed your lawn and garden regularly and as needed. Pulling weeds before they take over is important for the health and maintenance of your lawn.

Maintaining a beautiful lawn is not difficult if you commit to the proper care and nurturing needed to keep it healthy. Feed your soil, give it hydration, and banish the unwelcome guest. Consistent attention and an eye on changing conditions are key to cultivating and maintaining a lush healthy lawn.

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