How To Put Your Villa On Rent In Bangalore

How To Put Your Villa On Rent In Bangalore

Bangalore holds the pole for being one of the only cities in India that has the lowest unsold inventory when it comes to property. When we talk about property types favored here, villa crosses the mind first. With a majority of Indian villa buyers present in Bangalore it becomes both easy and difficult to put your villa on rent in Bangalore. Easy because of the high demand of villas and difficult because of the competition because of this demand.

Here are the seven tips that would make it easy for you to rent out and also sell your villa easily, when the time comes.

  1. Have a proper website

The website would not only be a tool to get bookings and advertise; it is also the face of the villa. Mostly the first contact a potential tenant will have with the villa is by looking at the website. Exactly like talking to a new prospective tenant in person, the site should also exude quality, professionalism, and a focus to details.

A good villa centric website should be equal parts functional and aesthetically correct. It must be visually alluring to engage and attract the attention; while at the same time should be highly functional and easy to seep through, performing tasks like fixing appointment time and communicating the offerings.

  1. Invest in videos, photos, and 360 degrees virtual tour

The more a villa is shown to a prospect tenant the more are the chances of enquiry. Primary among the methods of highlighting the villa is – photography. When clicking photos, every possible effort should be exploited to make sure that the very best images of the villa are taken for use on both website and advertisements.

Other features such as virtual tours and video can also be extremely useful. The video would enable the tenant to walk through giving them an idea of the villa in full animation. Seeing the trend, a 360-degree virtual tour feature is very popular today, which permits the prospect to go through an interactive virtual round of the villa straight from their home.

  1. Be active on social media

By using the social media services like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, it is possible to have a real time internet presence that helps to create a huge brand resonance in the mind of the people looking for villas on rent in Bangalore.

Even platforms like LinkedIn are good for not only for advertising the villa, but for also finding contacts with the service providers and professionals, who can assist in finding the right tenant for your villa.

  1. List your villa

The fastest and most cost effective way of finding a tenant is by listing your villa on various property portals. You can also list your villa on Airbnb and Oyo like sites that get demands from occasional but regular tenants. Listing your villas on such sites would give a serious push.

  1. Give the prospects information of the locality

What would differentiate your apartment in Bangalore with the others is the amount of information you give that holds the potential to become the buy or leave decision. The one sure way to stand out from the competition is to give information about the locality. Now whether your villa is in Hebbal or Yelahanka, give data of what is near your house.

Doing a detailed study of the locality and then passing on the information will only give clarity to the prospective tenants while making you stand out from the crowd of advertisements.

It is not extremely difficult to find a tenant for your villa especially in a city like Bangalore whose real estate market survives on luxurious house types like villas. Following these six steps will make it easier for you to find the right tenant in no time.

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