How To Use Your iPhone As A USB Flash Drive?

How To Use Your iPhone As A USB Flash Drive?

Mobile phones aren’t always a great source for storing data, people often rely on external devices like USB flash drives. But, what if you could transform your mobile phone into a USB flash drive? Yes,you read it right. This can be done by making use of some specialised mobile phone applications and various tools as well. More about each mobile application and tools and how to transform them into a USB flash drive is mentioned in the below section of the blog.

SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive

There are a number of Iphone specific USB devices and dongles available for the purpose of storage of Data. You can get these from any store or an online shop that deals in the same. The best in class Flash drive out of all the options is the SanDisk iXpand Flash drive. You can use it to create a backup of all the pictures, videos and important documents using this iPhone flash drive.


iTunes is the saviour for all the iphone users as it allows you to transfer a great amount of data from and to your iphone. It is already popular for the purpose of storing a huge data of music and songs but it is also quite capable of sharing the data as well. All that you are required to do is simply attach your iphone to your computer or the device where you need to save the data and you are good to go.

File Manager

This is yet another mobile application that allows you to store and transfer the data for free. It is available in the apple store and is also quite simple to use. There have been instances reported that prove this application to be absolutely amazing.


This particular application does not demand a mobile phone application as it is to be downloaded on a working computer system. It is super simple to use and is value for money as it stores enormous amounts of data. You can download this on your mac or on windows operating system and it functions as a replacement of the iTunes application. This amazing application comes along with a number of different features that allow you to store data and create a backup for the same. Apart from that there are other plentiful features of the same.  

Files: Document & PDF Reader

Files: Document & PDF reader is a mobile application similar to the file manager application described in the above section. In addition to storage it also allows you to read PDF files with much ease. Another additional feature of their mobile application is that you can use iTunes and you can also make use of Windows explorer as well as windows finder. The normal version comes with a storage limit of 200 MB which can further be extended to unlimited on buying the premium plan for the same. The premium option is yet another amazing feature that helps you transform your iphone to a flash drive and provides you with additional features like, dropbox connectivity and much more.

Today, our phone memory occupies more data in comparison to the memory of our brains. Therefore, it is very important to safeguard and store the data in an appropriate way. Some of the above mentioned tools and applications will help you in converting your mobile phone to a flash drive and will also help you in storing more amount of data.

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