Tips in Making Your Apartment Look More Spacious and Presentable

There are many ways to make your apartment look spacious and presentable without having to spend too much money on renovation. This is perfect for budget-conscious people out there who want to make their house look presentable and beautiful despite the limited space.

Here are some tips to follow:

  1. Mirror, mirror everywhere – classic but still very much effective tip is to place mirror all over the house to create illusion that the place is bigger and spacious. You can put full-sized mirrors on the wall or you can make use of glass furniture too. It will definitely make the space look less crowded.
  2. Less is more in terms of furniture – when you have limited space, you should make sure to use it wisely. Do not go overboard with furniture. You should only buy the essentials. Do not put too many big furniture and displays that you do not really need. It will just make your place look smaller and cramped up which you should avoid.
  3. Paint the ceiling – painting the ceiling will create illusion that the room has high ceiling. You can also use monochromatic style for your walls, ceiling and floor.
  4. Use hidden storage or multi-purpose items – you should be as efficient as possible in terms of using storage. Since you are dealing with limited space, make sure that your storage is hidden or make use of multi-purpose items like tables with many drawers, shelves on the wall or ceiling and others.
  5. Hang shelves near the ceiling – speaking of shelves, another tip that you will find useful is hanging shelves near the ceiling which will draw the eye towards the ceiling or upward, which widens the space.
  6. Make use of your walls in terms of decorations – if you wish to use some decorations like picture frames and others, we suggest to make use of your walls for these. Hang everything on the wall to avoid eating up space in the floor board.
  7. Use stripes to elongate the space – you should also consider using stripes like for carpets or wallpaper. Stripes elongate the space which of course make the illusion that the space is bigger that it actually is.
  8. Colour code the shelves – it is also advisable to colour coordinate your shelves like all green items will go here, while yellow is there and blue is there and others. When your shelves are coordinated per colour or size then it will feel more streamlined.
  9. Use transparent or clear shower curtain in the bathroom – for tiny bathroom, we suggest to use transparent or clear shower curtain instead of printed ones.

Follow the tips that we discussed here to make your apartment look spacious and comfortable not only for your guests but for you most especially. Soon, you will be able to afford your dream house, you might be checking out various locations of houses or home loan interest rates already but for now, do your best to make your apartment look and feel comfortable and nice.

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