Importance Of Installing Water Meters

Importance Of Installing Water Meters

Want to save money on your water bills? If yes, then install water meters. Water meters are the most reasonable way to pay for what you have actually used. They are generally provided by the water supply companies that supplies water to residential and commercial sectors. Water meters are the devices that are used to measure the volume of water used.

Advantages of Water Meters

Some of the key advantages of installing water meter include:

  • Control over water bills: When you install water meter, you’ll have a complete control over your water bills. This is because you only need to pay for the water that you have actually used.

  • Fare device: Water meters are a fare device to all the customers because they record specific usage.

  • Detect any leakage: Water meters are very helpful in determining the water leakage. If there is a leak on you water supply pipe or waterline breaks in the distribution system, the meter will indicate the leakage and you can get it repaired for free from your water supplying company. They may also adjust your water bills where necessary.

  • Encourage people to use less water: Water meters are very useful in securing future water supplies as they encourage people to use water wisely and responsibly.

  • Helps to monitor the volume of finished water: Water meters allow a utility system to monitor the volume of finished water it puts out.

Type of Water Meters

Meters are usually classified into two basic types:

Importance Of Installing Water Meters

  • Positive displacement: A positive displacement meter is a type of flow meter. In this type of meter a specific volume of water in a small compartment moves with the flow of water. The flow rate is determined based on the number of times these compartments filled and emptied. Positive displacement meters can further classified into Nutating disc meters and Piston meters. These types of meters are highly appropriate for sensitive to low flow rates

  • Velocity: In this type of water meters, water flow is equated based on its passing through a specific cross-sectional area with a measured velocity. Velocity meters are highly appropriate for high flow applications.

Furthermore, the meters that feature both positive displacement and velocity are known as compound meters. As far as the size of water meter is concerned, water meters are usually selected based on the flow rate range expected at the location where you plan to install your water meter.

Many water supplying companies such as Severn Trent provide free water-saving devices to help their customers save a large amount on their water bills. You can use Severn Trent contact number to get the details about their services and types of devices offered by them to save water at home.

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