Must Have Summer Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses are the ideal summer outfit. They’re simple to wear, easy to style, and super comfortable. Now that maxis are trending, there are many designs, styles, and patterns to choose from. Read more to discover the biggest maxi dress styles this summer.

Formal Maxi

For those who spend their summers at weddings, engagement parties, and baby showers, formal dresses are an essential part of the wardrobe. While short, cocktail dresses are a fun option most of the time, there are moments where you want to feel elegant and sophisticated.

Formal Maxi

A layered chiffon maxi dress or a silky, backless number is exactly what you need to elevate your style. Pair your dress with heels and gold jewelry for a classic, yet contemporary appeal.

Flower Maxi

Flowers are a quintessential part of spring and summer fashion. No runway is complete without vibrant, patterned blossoms. Whether you choose pastel red and pink flowers on a white background or bright purple and yellow on an orange background, this pattern has a feminine vibe at its very core.

Cut-Out Maxi

Wearing a maxi dress with an interesting cut-out adds a sense of intrigue to an outfit. With cut-outs, there’s no need for intricate patterns and designs, as these daring details create all the drama you could want in an outfit.

Cut-Out Maxi

Choose a maxi dress with a single back cut-out for a simple, sleek design, or create drama and flair with multiple cut-outs along the waist, bust, and back of the dress.

High-Low Maxi

The high-low maxi is another style that adds interest, but without as much spectacle. Since it’s not as aggressive in design, you can wear this style with patterns and accessories. For your accessories, choose the best colors to suit patterned, high-low maxi dresses, such as brown, nude, and black.

Sheer Maxi

The sheer maxi is essentially two dresses combined into one. If you can’t choose between a short cocktail dress or a flowing, floor length gown, take the best of both and wear a short dress with a sheer overlay.

With a sheer maxi, wear shoes that match the color of the dress and jewelry with a contrasting hue. This allows you to add extra color and interest without distracting from the beauty of the entire outfit.

Color Blocked Maxi

While color blocked maxi dresses are vibrant and interesting due to the hues, they can also improve the look of your body. Choose a dress with dark colors in the center that recede into lighter colors to make your body look smaller, or wear a bright color surrounded by black. If you decide to color block horizontally, ensure that your waist looks tiny with a contrasting color lining just that area.

Color Blocked Maxi

There are also more unique color blocks, such as solid colored dresses with one stripe over the hip to create curves, diagonal and printed color blocks to minimize shoulders and hips, and top heavy color blocks to balance pear and apple shaped bodies.

Wear What You Love

Fashion should be a joy and a passion, not a chore you struggle to understand. Following the rules of fashion is not a necessity to dress well and feel confident. Decide what you love, find it at a store or online boutique, and wear it with pride.

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