Importance Of Survey For Treating Rising Damp

Rising damp is a form of dampness which goes upwards and can be commonly seen on walls and floors at ground level. The symptoms of this type of damp can often take years to become apparent; thus proving to be very dangerous for the property and dwellers. Unpleasant smell, damp patches, mold, stained wallpaper and peeling plaster are some signs indicating the presence of damp. However, to ensure that these signs are caused by damp and before beginning the treatment process, hiring a professional surveyor to assess the problem is essential.

Identifying damp, its type and severity requires good amount of knowledge and expertise. Someone who has commendable experience in this field can not only help to identify the type of damp affecting a property, but also examine the underlying cause leading to this problem. Some of the common reasons for damp include high level of external ground, defective downpipes, poor drainage etc. A professional surveyor understands the importance of a thorough survey and can help dwellers to find the actual cause behind this problem. His job also involves preparing a detailed damp report, which includes clearly outlined reasons for the presence of damp, the damage it has caused and the most appropriate method to get rid of it. The total cost of the treatment process is also mentioned in the report, which helps customers get an estimate of the time and money involved in the entire procedure.

Besides identifying the underlying cause and type of damp present in a property, damp survey is also crucial in order to find out the most suitable method or procedure to eliminate this problem permanently. As the types of damp are many, the treatment procedures also vary according to the kind of damp found at a particular place. The most suitable damp treatment procedure is selected upon surveying and identifying the type of damp, along with other factors, like its location, severity, extent of damage etc. Not paying attention to this crucial step and proceeding with the treatment without proper survey can prove costly by wasting lots of time and money.

Presence of rising damp in a property can lead to various kinds of health risks, ranging from minor to severe. Respiratory problems, like asthma, are quite common people dwelling in damp infested properties. Contaminated indoor environment and poor air quality due to damp can also lead to infections and other diseases. Besides health problems, damp can cause considerable damage to the property, which is not only aesthetic but structural as well. Deteriorating brickwork, plaster, rotten timber, rusting iron and steel fasteners are commonly seen in homes affected by damp. Any delay or negligence while dealing with damp can prove more costly and time consuming in the long run. That is why hiring professionals is suggested to carry out the survey at the earliest and save dwellers and the property from further damage. Moreover, by paying a reasonable fee to the surveyor, people can be assured to enjoy a peaceful life in healthy, safe and damp-free environment.

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