Should You Choose Framed Or Frameless Glass Pool Fencing?

So you have always thought glass pool fencing as an unsafe and expensive fencing option, right? Well, this is a misconception which is slowly disappearing as people are now realizing that glass pool fencing is very safe fencing option available.

The glass panels used for fencing are not made of ordinary glass, but toughened glass, which is meant for industrial and heavy duty use. Glass fencing is attractive for your home as it helps to improve the appearance of your home and pool area.

This investment can last for decades with the right maintenance and care as it is not prone to rusting and decay like other materials. Unfortunately, though you have finally decided to use glass pool fencing, you have another decision to make. You can find all types of glass fencing from Clear Az glass pool fencing perth You have to decide if you should choose framed or frameless glass pool fencing. These differences between the two may help you to make a decision.


This is traditional type of glass fencing consisting of standard glass panes held in place using stainless steel posts. The posts are embedded deep in the ground and are usually installed first, after which the glass is slid in place. Then the top bar is added to secure the whole thing. Though you get a great view through the fence, some consider the frame to be a bit of an obstruction.


Stainless steel spigots hold large panes of extra strong glass in place in this type of fencing. The spigots are usually drilled deep into the surface surrounding the swimming pool or cemented into the ground. The glass panes are usually adjoined; and in some cases there is a gap between them. Homeowners prefer this glass fencing as it seems there’s no fencing at all.

Choosing between these two may not be an easy task as glass pool fencing is very durable and strong. Moreover, they both cost about the same; so no matter which you choose.

Thus the best way to make your choice is based on your own personal opinion. It’s just that some people like the frameless variety as it is closest they can get to not having a pool fence at all while others prefer the framed variety.

Semi-framed Variety

If you are still in a dilemma about which framing to choose, you can choose the best of both worlds, the semi-framed variety. In case of semi-framed glass pool fencing, the pane sides are slid into a stainless steel frame while its top and bottom are left free.

This way, there are no gaps between the panes, while your view is opened up. Moreover, this type of fencing costs as much as the framed and frameless varieties.

Once you have decided and made your choice about the type of glass pool fencing you want for your pool, you should speak to your contractor to get the work started. It’s better to discuss matters with your contractor as one or more of these fencing styles may not be suitable in some situations. If this is the case, don’t worry. Your fencing contractor will be able to give you some suggestions, and also explain why your choice of fencing is not suitable for your swimming pool.

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