Interior On A Budget For Your New Home

Moving into your own apartment is indeed a milestone in any young person’s life. Whether you are an independent teen that’s finally saved up to move out of your parents’ home or a newly married couple moving into your first home together, this can be an exciting and momentous time. A new apartment however comes with a multitude of added necessities such as minor repairs, furniture and electronic appliances. Most youngsters often live the first few months or sometimes even years without appropriate furniture and electronics while slowly saving up and buying them one at a time. However, getting your own things doesn’t need to be that stressful. There are many ways to acquire your home essentials on a budget such as online furniture sales, do it yourself furniture tutorials and free cycle groups.

Freecycle Groups on the Internet

In case you are unfamiliar with Freecycle, freecycling is a form of recycling where owners of unnecessary furniture and equipment, give them away free online to people who might benefit from them as opposed to selling them. You will be surprised at how generous people can be on freecycle groups, with some individuals giving away expensive items such as televisions and entire furniture sets. Search the group for any essential electronic equipment you many need for your new home such as a television, a fridge and a washing machine. However, bear in mind that almost all equipment being given away on freecycle are previously used and may give way at any time; thus, freecycle is mostly a temporary option until you have saved up enough money to purchase your own equipment. Additionally, you may also find any necessary furniture you may need urgently on freecycle.

Do it yourself Interior

Three of the most important things modern home owners consider when deciding on their new furniture are individuality, cost and space saving. Sadly, most furniture available in stores today are absurdly expensive, common and often bulky. For this reason, one of the most common developing trends among young new home owners today is to create their own furniture. The internet has a vast amount of tutorials on do it yourself furniture that costs a fraction of the cost of store bought furniture. The most common basic component used for most “do it yourself” furniture is the humble pallet. Pallets are structural wooden frames build from very low cost wood used for storage and transportation of goods. These incredibly versatile gadgets are available freely at a negligible cost.  An online search will reveal numerous tutorials on how to make your own unusual yet gorgeous furniture at home, ranging from couches to beds to everything in between. One of the great things about pallet furniture is that you can create a hollow frame from the pallets to serve as a table, a bench or a bed that will also double as a storage space for books, CD’s and gadgets. Having more storage space will lessen the need for additional cupboards and cabinets’ thereby giving the illusion that your home is larger than it is.

Do it yourself Decor

After you have crafted your unique furniture, you will likely need to construct a number of additional necessities to help with storage. You may create a fun invisible bookrack by fixing a book end to your wall and having the cover of your first book conceal the book end and stacking the rest of your books on top of it. This will not only be very useful as a book rack but will also serve the double purpose of acting as a unique wall decoration.

Interior On A Budget For Your New Home

As table centers for a dinner you are hosting, or as outdoor decorations for a garden party, you could create your own “firefly jars” by cutting a glow stick in half and emptying its contents into a clear glass jar. As an additional effect, you could add diamond glitter into the jar, seal it, shake the jar and watch the magic enfold. As time has proven, photographs on walls add the perfect touch to any home. Add a touch of elegance and uniqueness to yours by making your own picture frames from the remaining pallets from your furniture and inscribing a meaningful quotation or verse on it with a permanent marker. Finally, print out your favourite memories and insert them into your distinct new picture frames and hang them over your pallet bed.

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