Read Furniture Labels To Know About Its Maintenance

Furniture plays a very important role in our household in terms of giving your home a new look and also serves a lot of important functions. Furniture has a huge functionality in our daily life and that is a major reason to have them. That’s not all, they also give an appeal to your home and tends to decorate your home in a nice and bright way. In fact the look of your furniture and its designs are a representation of your aesthetic tastes and preference. Your home furniture needs to address both issues of looking great and having high functionalities.

Your basic responsibility towards your furniture would be to ensure that they continue to shine and maintain its glow. This involves looking after them and maintaining them well. Many people are often confused about the maintenance steps they need to follow, however reading the instructions mentioned in furniture labels always help in such conditions. Let us look at some of the basic maintenance tips written on these labels.

  • Cleaning wooden furniture requires a soft cloth dipped in warm water mixed with a mild soap. Clean water is not as effective as soap water is, but care needs to be taken that the soap is mild to suit your wooden furniture. Use of an old toothbrush is a must when trying to wipe off the dust from remote areas. The piece of cloth needs to be soft so that removing the dirt becomes fairly easy.
  • Now that the dirt, dust and stains are removed from your wooden furniture, the next big thing would be to ensure that the shine is still intact. So get good quality soft paste wax and apply it evenly on the furniture. However, the exact proportion applied needs to be read carefully from the furniture labels. Post applying, give it some time and after a couple of minutes remove it with a dry cloth. Wait for an hour and apply again to get back the shine.
  • The most important step involving furniture maintenance is keeping it away from the sun. The scorching sun and its sky high temperature will eat up the glaze and new look of your furniture. That’s not all, your furniture will start shrinking and cracks will get developed eventually. This also implies keeping furniture away from vents and heating units.
  • There are several people who don’t prefer the long process of furniture maintenance and they are more open for the quick fix tips. These quick fixes are using shoe polish that matches the color of your furniture. Apply it in places of stains and you can remove such marks within a couple of minutes. This might be a temporary solution, but eventually you need to follow the above mentioned steps.
  • Coffee mug marks and spilled water marks can be removed from your furniture by using a mild abrasive like non gel toothpaste mixed perfectly with baking soda or even cooking oil. Rub it gently on your stains with your dry fingers and see the effective results.

These steps and furniture maintenance procedures are written carefully on your furniture labels. The best maintenance tips are the guidelines mentioned in the labels so remember to follow them for a detailed review.

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