Lay flat Hoses Used for Agriculture and Construction

A Lay flat hose is a PVC hose whose inner and outer walls fuse together very well with each other. Lay flat hoses, when compared to other devices, are of great advantages especially when it comes to storage volume, handling and other uses. They also work great in all types of climatic conditions. When you install the hose, you need to consider few factors such as the quality of the hose, dimension of the hose and the installation guidelines of the hose. In this regards, you can consult with some reputable hose suppliers who can provide you high quality durable lay flat hose.

lay flat hose

Advantages of lay flat hoses

Lay flat hoses are manufactured to meet the industry requirements and standards and function smoothly. They have such high-quality coating made of polyurethane that can withstand any level of pressure and enable the hoses to perform well both in hot and cold climates. No matter what degree of temperature it is, lay flat hoses will retain their flexibility and be easy to handle. Considering the marine market, the hose manufacturers are making salt water resistant lay flat hoses.

  • Moreover, these hoses can easily be recoiled and smoothened out when not in use. This ensures that there will be no space related issues in storing this hose.
  • There are chemical resistant properties of these hoses for which you can buy these hoses and store them for years, without having the fear of hose damage.  This makes these hoses a onetime investment.
  • In addition, these hoses are rust resistant and you can get the smooth flow of water system through these hoses. Reputed companies always provide you limited warranty on their hoses, and you can replace the damaged hose if required.

Various uses of lay flat hoses

The most common use of lay flat hoses is its huge help in premium drip irrigation and water discharge. The water discharge hoses are generally made up of polyester yarn spiral wrap that also has a PVC tube and a cover. Lay flat hoses are used in drip irrigation because of its smooth tube results in low friction loss. In case of under pressure, it lays straight with least amount of elongation.

layflat hose

Buying the best quality lay flat hoses

It depends upon different hose manufacturers to categorize the hoses differently, based on their strength. These hoses are mainly of three kinds: Red hoses for medium duty, Yellow Hoses for compressed air and black hoses are used in cases of fire-fighting requirements. Thus, different colored hoses are used for different purposes.

  • Once you are sure of the kind of lay flat hose you want, contact an authentic dealer who sells these items. It is important that you buy the product from someone who has an experience for a period in this business. If possible, check if he is certified for dealing with these products.
  • Lay flat hoses are used for many civil projects and almost every country will have some certification process for the person dealing with it. It is advisable to have information about the certification in your area and check the dealer accordingly. You can also ask your friends for help in this regard.
  • It will be great if you know a person working in a local municipal department. These municipal bodies commission lay flat hoses for their use in agriculture, firefighting etc. A government official will most assuredly find the right manufacturers for the lay flat hoses.

lay flat hose

When used with a tandem and water-pump, lay flat hoses also work as a flood cleaner. The water pump sucks the water from the area and the hose discharges the water.

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