The Funkiest And Most Popular Chumbak Backpacks In Indian Markets

Chumbak is a relative young design company that makes the trendiest, funkiest and most outrageous apparel and accessories. Known for its bold colours, unique designs, and eye catching patterns, this brand makes accessories and apparels that act like souvenirs for the Indian market. The backpacks made by Chumbak are taking the globe by storm. Locals as well as foreign tourists pick up the backpacks in large quantities for gifting purposes. If you’re travelling out of the country to visit friends and family abroad, you may want to consider purchasing a couple of the Chumbak backpacks to gift. We have compiled a list of the best and most popular backpacks of Chumbak for you to choose from, here’s the list:

  1. Chumbak Daaru Backpack

The Chumbak daaru backpack is one of the most popular and widely sold backpacks designed by this brand. Available in an electric and captivating blue, this backpack has a bunch of alcohol logos on it. Some of the logos include beer mugs, wine bottles, whiskey bottles, rum bottles and other cute animated alcohol bottles and glasses. Reasonably priced and long lasting, the Chumbak daaru backpack has a number of pockets and sections. This medium sized backpack has a 10 litre capacity and acts as an incredibly funky and fun gift.

  1. Chumbak Owls Backpack

 Chumbak is incredibly famous for its owl logo and when put into this specially designed backpack, it has created a furore amongst those loyal to the brand. This canvas backpack is of a small size and has multiple zippers and compartments. The brown, black and turquoise owls are printed on a beige canvas cloth and the bag also sports tan detailing on its handle and front pouch. This bag is an incredible gift to give younger kids and teenagers. It is very affordably priced and is über cute.

  1. Chumbak Paisley Party Backpack

The Chumbak Paisley Party backpack is an ideal gift for those who love paisley patterns. Though keep in mind, this back doesn’t have your typical pastel paisley print. On the contrary, the paisley print on this backpack is in bold and vibrant colours. The backpack itself is a mix of a bright yellow and electric blue. The paisley print on it has a deep pink, eye catching green, turquoise and other shades in it. Made of 100% polyester, this backpack is reasonably priced and is the perfect gift for an art student.

  1. Chumbak Whale Of A Time Backpack

The bright yellow whale of a time backpack is an ideal gift for any girl also you can think also best ladies watches. It has an adorable whale pattern on it, it’s made of PU fabric and has multiple compartments. This bag is reasonably priced and can also be gifted to anyone who loves marine life and being out by the sea. The snap button on this backpack keeps the users belonging safe and prevents them from falling out. Made of faux leather, this backpack can also be gifted to vegans and animal activists. This backpack also has adjustable straps for the convenience of the user.

  1. Speed Racer Backpack

Last but not least is the speed racer backpack. The perfect gift or souvenir for any guy. The bag is of a grey brown colour and has a lovely yellow bike detailed onto its flap. This bag has adjustable straps, is made of PU fabric and it also has a separate laptop compartment. It is an extremely comfortable backpack to carry around all day and is also affordably priced.

So, if you’re looking to get the perfect souvenir for friends living abroad, or you wish to give a really funky gift to your niece or nephew, the Chumbak backpacks are just the things you’re looking for.

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