Learn About the Benefits of Installing an Awning to Your Place

Awnings are the most traditional way of providing air conditioning to home which dates to Egyptian and Syrian times. In earlier days, they were often described as woven mats which were typically made of wood, canvas, and metal but over the years these things are replaced by enhanced acrylic- coated synthetic fabrics which prove to be much more durable and have the capability of holding up things than their traditional counterparts. The advantage of these fabrics is that they help in reducing fading and repel water effectively. Homeowners also have options to choose from acrylic fabrics to polyester fabrics and cotton- polyester blends with acrylic coating. But these polyester fabrics become unsuitable if they are not coated and become more vulnerable to sun damage. These awnings are suitable where places experience high humidity and protect people from harmful Ultraviolet rays.

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Vinyl coated awnings are slightly heavy than acrylic coated ones. They are an ideal choice for backlit and illuminated awning and have greater translucency as compared to others. They are a good choice for areas which have sustained high humidity but are less effective in humid environments. These vinyl’s coated fabrics have limited options when it comes to styles and colours. Another type of awning which was famous in the 19th century were the steel and aluminium ones which can be seen today in most of the commercial and high-rise buildings. These types of awnings offer a slick and low- maintenance surface that can also be painted to match the home or office building. However, they require regular repainting because they are more susceptible to damage from outside sources like rain and sunlight which makes them rust.

There are two types of awnings – the fixed awnings and the other the foldable awnings. Fixed awnings can also be called as stationary awnings. As the name suggest fixed awning have a permanent structure which means it cannot be moved or adjusted however foldable awnings can be adjusted depending upon the need and weather conditions. They help in beautifying the home and adding protection to your outer walls. They are also a great way in helping to maintain maintenance cost as they protect your home from sunlight and rain.

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Foldable awnings are also known as retractable awning as they offer the liberty to adjust the awning as per your comfort level. For example, if a house owner wishes to spend some times in his backyard and wants to enjoy the sunlight and witness the view outside he can easily do so by retracting the awning as per his convenience. Retractable awning also adds comfort and elegance to your home. They are also a great way of protecting your household stuff like your furniture and carpets by blocking the Ultraviolet rays. Another advantage of having a retractable awning is, it can be fully controlled by remote which make it easy for house owners who live in areas who face weather conditions which are uncertain. Just a press of a button and your house is protected. They are generally used by commercial shops and offices. If awnings are strategically placed with proper angles at exact places, your house can enjoy the cool atmosphere during hot summers which will reduce the exposure and reflection of the sun. They are very easy to install and operate. But make sure you choose the right awning for your shop. There a lot of websites who offer high quality and durable awnings. Choose wisely in terms of providing protection and adding charm to your home.

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