No More Stress Over Choosing The Right Mattress – Know The Types Of Mattresses

There are surprisingly many kinds of people walking this earth with you. Each of you has a different life, a different personality, features, individual preferences and needs. The fact that you have varying personality allows the world to create products suited to fulfill your unique needs. From clothes to shoes, houses to cars, everything must fit according to your style and requirements. Why must beds be any different?

Some of you might be active sleepers, light sleepers, side sleepers and most commonly, might be suffering from back pain. While not every bed will be able to give you the sleep that you want to get, mattress makers have designed a set of different mattresses to help you fulfill your sleep requirements in the best way possible.

Although it is possible to directly go to the store and enquire about the available types of mattresses, it is always better to be a smart customer and know about your options beforehand. To save you the hassle, listed below are the types of mattresses you can find in a typical market.

  • Foam

A mattress that uses foams of any kind, be it memory foam, latex, gel, polyurethane or any other type of foam as support system to create different shapes and sizes to fit your personal needs, feels and preferences.

  • Memory Foam

Also known as visco elastic foam mattresses, these mattresses use polyurethane foam as the support system to let the mattress adjust to the body curves of the sleeper.

  • Latex

The mattress manufacturers use natural substances from plants (rubber trees) or petroleum products as the support system. This, along with memory foam, is one of the two best mattresses available in the market, in terms of health and durability.

  • Innerspring

Steel coil support systems, covered by foams or padding, are installed in these mattresses to support the contour and movements of the sleeper. Various types of spring systems like single unit or individually wrapped coils are available, which vary according to the shapes, sizes and number of coils used.

  • Pillow Top

It is just a mattress with an extra layer upholding materials like foams or fiber sewn to the top of it. This gives it a pillow like feel, without actually using pillows.

  • Gel Mattress

By using gel in the foams or other materials of the mattress, these provide different levels of comfort, and feel or temperature maintenance to the sleepers.

  • Waterbed

Available in two types, these mattresses use water chambers covered by foams and fibers as support systems, which rest above a platform. These can be hard-sided (with the water chamber inside a wooden frame), or soft-sided (with the chamber inside a frame of rigid foam inside fabric casing).

The chambers are either free-flow or wave less, depending on the flow of water within the chambers.

  • Airbed

With the look of a conventional bed, an airbed uses air chambers, covered by padding or materials like foams and fibers, as the support system. These are best suited to conform to couple’s needs of changing beds, by providing options like adjusting firmness or controlling one side of the bed to individual preferences.

  • Hybrid

A hybrid, like the name suggests, is a mattress made out of a combination of steel coil support system and one or more other mattresses mentioned here, like the gel foam, memory foam, latex or any other option available.

  • Adjustable foundations

These aren’t actually mattresses, but foundations that go along with mattresses. These foundations have dual control system (electric or manual) used to bend, lower or elevate the sleep surface and various parts of the bed according to the individual needs of sleeping partners.

Having learned about the different kinds of mattresses available for you to choose from, you can use this information and make sure to get yourself the right bed next time you buy one!

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