Quick And Handy Guide For Choosing The Perfect Color Scheme

One of the biggest, quickest and inexpensive ways that you can change the look of your whole home is by changing the color. Getting it right is important, and can be daunting for the most hardened home improvement aficionado. Read on for some great tips as we try and make things that little bit easier for you in choosing your color palette.

Select Your Favourite Colors

You should by taking a look at a color wheel. A color wheel is made up of primary and secondary colors as you would expect, but there are also tertiary colors.

  • Primary colors: The primaries are yellow, red and blue. These colors cannot be made by mixing any other colors together.
  • Secondary colors: Secondary colors are orange, green purple. Secondary colors are created by combining two primary colors in equal parts.
  • Tertiary colors: The tertiaries are created by mixing secondary and primary colors, and in varying parts.

Create Your New Color Palette

Using the color wheel, you can devise a color scheme that fits your personality. People are often confused at this stage because they think it is more complicated than it is. Hopefully, we can demystify things for you.

Believe it or not, there are just four different kinds of color schemes to choose from:

  • Monochromatic. This color scheme uses tones from the same color, together with either white or black to provide light or depth to the tone.
  • Analogous: The Analogous color scheme uses the colors that appear next to one another on the color wheel. For example, blue would be used with purple or green while yellow will be used together with either orange or green. This can create a soothing palette.
  • Contrast: This one is a little more dramatic. A trio of contrasting colors is used in this palette such as purple/red, yellow/orange and green/blue. These kinds of combinations introduce more energy into the home.
  • Complementary: The final palette uses two opposing colors like blue and orange. These colors used together can produce much more dynamic and bold palettes for the home.

Now, Build Your Color Scheme

It is usually best to begin choosing the furniture first that you want for your home, and you shouldn’t forget less obvious rooms either. For bathroom makeovers, for example, decide what kinds of fixtures and flooring you want first.

Once you have decided on the furniture and style, you begin choosing the scheme for each room. Test your selected colors with swatches and fabrics, before you commit brush to wall. Look at how each room connects too and try to choose schemes that won’t clash with each other. Coloring this way you can create a lovely flow from room to room with colors that complement each other.

Choosing the coloring for your home doesn’t need to be difficult or complicated, not using properly prepared palettes and keeping in mind the furniture of the room. Hopefully, this quick handy guide has helped, and the best of luck with your home makeover!

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