How To Sell Your Home Quickly, And For A Fantastic Price

They say that moving house is one of the top five most stressful things you’ll ever do in life. Alongside divorce, job loss and bereavement, it’s riddled with paperwork and anxiety. If you’ve ever gone through the process of selling your house, you understand the stress involved! It’s a long process, full of complications. So, if you’re selling your home, you need a quick sale, and you need a good price. We’ve been through our fair share of house sales, and we like to think we’ve nailed the process. Here’s how you get through it quickly.

Fix Any Major Repairs

The single biggest reason for property sales falling through is a poor survey. Just before your buyer moves in, they’ll order out a structural survey to understand the integrity of the house. Any repairs, damage or long-standing problems will show up and ward the buyer off. You’re looking to make this move as easy as possible for them. They don’t want to inherit a house full of problems! Fix any glaring issues and tackle anything that might cause trouble on a survey.

Clean it up and Present it to New Owners

Your potential buyers need to walk through the door and imagine themselves living here. They need to picture their furniture and imagine their lives in your home. That means taking steps to neutralise the property. That doesn’t mean showing them an empty shell. It just means tidying, cleaning and presenting the property. Remove anything too personal and make sure the rooms are tidy. If possible, opt for a fresh lick of cream or neutral paint.

Improve Your Curb Appeal

Did you know that potential buyers make a decision within eight seconds of viewing your property? Homeowners make purchases based on gut feeling and instinct. It’s your job to capture them immediately. It all starts with the front aspect of the property. Try repainting the door or replacing the features. Fix up the front garden, clean the windows and make your hallways appear inviting.

Set it at the Right Price

Time and time again, we see sellers push up the asking price. They think it’s the best way to secure more money. Unfortunately, it doesn’t usually work like this. Your home will seem overpriced and stay on the market for months. You’ll end up paying a fortune in admin fees and inevitably lower the asking price anyway. Stick to a sensible price and opt for the quick sale.

Alternative Routes

If you need to sell your house fast – and we mean really fast – there are other options. You could take advantage of house buying companies. They’ll make you an offer, no matter what state the property is in, and guarantee to take it off your hands. Your offer might be a little bit lower, but it’s quick, immediate, and there will be no chain of buyers and sellers. It’s a good way to free yourself quickly.

Selling your home fast is crucial. Dragging the process out is exhausting, and it will drain your bank accounts! Follow the advice here and you’ll be moving on in no time!

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