Roofing The Michigan Way

Being the heart of the US automotive industry with rich tourism and advanced technological industry, Michigan has gained an approximate population of almost 10 million in both its upper and Lower Peninsula.

Given its very convenient continental climate and the abundant natural resources, people from far and wide have decided to settle in this natural beauty.

Home preferences of this huge population vary and can be anything among bi-level homes, tri-level homes, or quad-level homes. However, regardless of the house type one stays in, the built and structures particularly its main protection—the roof, is one of those with utmost importance.

Roof Requirements

  • Permit

To make sure that the re-roofing or roof installation of whatever sort is safe and in compliance to the building code standards of safety, a permit is required. It basically allows the building department to conduct inspections.

  • Materials

Be sure that your contractor uses the appropriate materials adhering to the new roof system based on the 2015 Michigan Residential Code, Section R908 including roof sheathing, underlayment, ice or snow barrier, metal drip edge, flashing, shingles, and ventilation.

  • Roofers

Roof mechanics of roof contractors are experts in the assessment, application, or installation of roofing systems whether it’s for new roof construction, repair, or re-roofing. One, however, can choose to work on the re-roofing on hi/her own as long as the requirements for safety are met.

Roof Types

  • Gable

Easy to install, artistic, and affordable—this roof type is characterized with symmetrical slopes and steep terrain.

  • Flat

From the name itself, a flat roof is a plane which can be converted into a garden, a hangout den, or a sightseeing venue although there’s a need to consistently clean it because it can easily accumulate rubbles.

  • Gambrel

A gambrel is suitable for homes that wish to add attics or extra rooms although it requires strict maintenance to avoid possible leaks or cracks.

  • Pyramid

Probably the most convenient type of roof for safety reasons, the pyramid roof is ideal for small houses and can be considered really strong and sturdy.

  • Mansard

With striking architectural appeal, a mansard roof is perfect for larger houses or those with expansion plans.

With all these roof requirements and roof types in mind, one should consider a trusted professional to handle the best roofing system deemed most appropriate for the home. Hiring a roofing contractors in Michigan would be best for family’s worry-free roofing needs.

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