Samsung Galaxy Alpha

Samsung Galaxy Alpha: Ready To Change The Galaxy Series

Samsung Galaxy Alpha was launched in 2014 and it left the deep shadow because of its new design. Earlier Samsung was criticised because of the build quality material and design. But the new Galaxy Alpha is ready to revamp the Galaxy Series. It is the beginning and Galaxy A5 and A7 are already in the queue. But Galaxy Alpha is high prices if we look at it specification.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha is noticeable at first glance, but on the whole design can be called a new and enjoyable. In particular, it provides new rim which is made of metal. The right and left ends of the new look, the top and bottom can be seen isolation antennas generally Samsung has achieved a unique appearance body size 132.4 x 65.5 x 6.7 mm. Bevels on the top and bottom edge of the body similar to the first Galaxy S. At first glance it may seem that Samsung had copied many things from the iPhone 4, but after several hours of dating this impression will dissipate. If some similarities and only quality materials then it is good. The smartphone is made on the conscience, and Samsung, finally managed to achieve high-quality textures of materials. Visual backdrop smartphone resembles “patch” of Galaxy S5, but feel the difference immediately be visible: the material is softer, it adheres to the best hand.

In ergonomics it got some advantages. Let’s start with the low weight of 115 grams, thanks to which the Galaxy Alpha well in the hand. Prior to the buttons on the right (standby) and the left (volume) of the panels can be easily reached; Display takes only about 70 percent of the front panel that can be called satisfactory result. The second small gripe: users with smaller hands ends smartphone may seem too sharp, Samsung still did not stop to make them more rounded or beveled. Enthusiasts will enjoy the return of easily replaceable battery 1860 mAh capacity for here there is another parallel with the iPhone 6.

The software end filling of Galaxy Alpha is similar to Galaxy S5. Samsung has installed the recent version of Android (4.4.4) and Rich interface TouchWiz. Results are expected: the interface is markedly different from the standard shell of Google, a variety of additional applications and seems useful. Here it should be noted S Health. And the heart rate sensor in the smartphone is handy.

There is also the famous fingerprint sensor with software strapping. It not only allows you to unlock your smartphone, but also supports authentication with PayPal and protects user data in the memory. But the quality of the sensor response still remains the worst solution. In contrast to the same Huawei Ascend Mate 7 smartphone or Apple, the sensor does not need to put your fingertip, and roll it. It is unknown what has caused the poor operation of the sensor, with hardware or software stuffing.

Well, we can hope if the Samsung will actually redesign its Galaxy S series and we would have a beautifully designed Galaxy S6 or Galaxy Note 5 in our hands. S6 release is near but Galaxy Note 5 release date is no near, Samsung fans has to wait more than 7 months to know about Note 5 officials.

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