5 Colours Those Are Commonly Preferred For Corporate Uniform

Colour branded uniform has a positive impact in many ways. Firstly there is an increased sense of pride and equality among the staff members of an organisation. So the company benefits through brand recognition and a professional looking team.As a result the customer easily identifies the member of an organisation thus building a sense of trust. As per sources, colour increases brand recognition up to 80 percent Different colours are used to show different ranks, different roles within the organisation.

Coloured uniform is a way to attract ideal customers. Regardless whether it is a small business or large one will always want its staff to be instantly and identifiable especially when the uniform identifies the member’s role recognisable. It is a human nature that we instinctively look for the colour of the uniform because colour is the first thing we see. Total image can provide you help you design the apt uniform for your office staff members. Whatever color uniform you are willing to get designed for your office staff, the team at total image can definitely help you design the best.

Below are some of colours that are perfect for professional attire:

  1. White-White is the colour of purity. It symbolises perfection .It is a great choice for shirt or blouse to go with navy-blue, black or brown suit. The colour white is the most preferred colour in the corporate sector .Also it is colour of calmness.
  1. Black-Black symbolises the colour of power and authorisation. It is associated with strength and leadership. The colour looks authentic when worn. It represents various shades of colour black such as charcoal, ebony, midnight, and sable .The colour black projects knowledgeable expertise.
  1. Navy blue-It is a professional colour that adds an impression of authority, honesty, credibility and trust.Many Companies sees this colour as a colour of team player. It evokes a sense of security in most people makingit a good choice for uniforms. It is also people’s favourite colour and is considered by both men and women.
  1. Grey-It is a colour of sophistication and professionalism .Not only it is a strong and powerful colour but it is also less intimidating then black .It is a neutral colour for interview which depicts strong business look of the client.
  1. Brown-This colour gives the impression that is reliable,dependable, confident .it is a friendly and approachable colour which works perfect for hospitality uniform. Brown is common colour used for trousers or skirts. Total image helps in providing the best uniform by letting the client mix and match as per their need. This mixing and matching will help you find the right color uniform for your employees.

Colours are the most effective way to keep the customers attractive and play a significant role in business success andif used to its full effect, many colours give competitive edge and explicit the right response.According to a study it is shown that colors are known to increase the production and sales of an organisation.

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