Say Hello to Singapore’s New Cyber Security Agency

Risks and dangers exist all over the world, and in this digital age even the internet isn’t spared from bad people. There have been countless stories of people, businesses, companies, and even political personalities undergoing online assault in the form of hacking. These attacks have focused on giving out false information, either confusing subscribers or destroying public images. While some of us might not think of this as very much of a threat, it is a crime and needs due punishment.


This is why countless nations and organizations have exercised their efforts to come up with solutions and answers to this growing problem. Recently, the island city-state of Singapore has hired experts and professionals to develop a specialized security system for internet affairs, and through their efforts, they were able to establish a brand new agency to combat cyber security issues. This new entity which has come to be known as the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore is a body focused on developing and implementing national cyber security plans, schemes, and strategies.

Why We Need Cyber Security

Countless companies, businesses, and organizations rely on the internet to deliver information, news, and updates to their subscribers. Millions of people frequent these online entities for their daily dose of news and information. So, you can just imagine the amount of confusion and disorder that can occur when these sites undergo breaches – which has happened quite a few times in the past.

These online attacks have often targeted important entities such as Sony Pictures and even the insurance company, Anthem. Even the prime minister of Singapore himself went through a similar experience when his official website was hacked into, an event that has gained wide popularity because of the relatively low crime rates in Singapore. Experts assume that these security breaches will occur more frequently and become significantly more sophisticated. This is why Singapore has taken the necessary steps to secure their internet safety.

What to Expect of the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore

The newly established CSA will take on the functions of the Singapore Infocomm Technology Security Authority. Based on multiple reports, the new organization will employ the expertise of hundreds of professional and skilled staffers to implement their security plans. With the help of Interpol, the CSA was granted brand new facilities to aid their operations, as well as network security from FireEye in collaboration with the well-established telecommunications company, Singtel.

Aside from putting cyber security plans into action, the CSA also intends to lend a hand to the growing cyber security industry in Singapore.

All these efforts are directed towards reducing and hopefully eliminating the problems with security breaches that we face in this modern digital day and age. With the efforts of the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore, experts hope to develop a worldwide agency capable of protecting online interactions and entities all over the globe. Hopefully, the CSA is the first step towards creating long-lasting solutions to the rampant internet security problems we experience in modern times.


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