Should You Do Home Improvements Yourself Or Call A Professional?

Part of feeling in control in your own castle comes from the work you put into it. When you pick up a saw or hammer, ready to engage in work around the house, you intend to make meaningful improvements to your residence. Even if these are just minor changes, to you they mean a lot. But, what about big home improvement projects. Are you truly confident you have everything under control when doing more extensive home improvements, or is it time to contact a professional contractor to make certain the work gets done right? Although it may sound like a good idea to take the DIY approach at first, many homeowners learn the hard way that there is a reason why licensed professionals are better suited to make improvements to a client’s home. Aside from having expert training, a professional contractor will also typically know what kinds of unforeseen problems will likely arise along the way.

When the DIY Approach Makes Sense

As a homeowner, you should definitely attempt to learn how to make some basic improvements to your home. Improvements that tend to go well with a DIY approach include projects which produce a negligible impact on your ability to live in your home if something goes wrong. For example, if you accidentally paint the walls of your living room the wrong color, this will by no means prevent you from using your home for its intended purpose. If you remove the carpet in your bedroom and do a less than stellar job at installing tile with perfect uniformity, your bedroom will still be a suitable place to sleep at night. Mixing your own concrete and pouring a back patio might even turn out better than expected with you calling the shots. According to Lifehacker, sometimes determining which DIY projects you should attempt depends on how much time you have available to complete such a project. Alternatively, certain home improvement projects are best left to professionals with years of experience under their belt.

When It Is Time to Call a Professional Contractor

When it comes to a major home modification, it is always important to ask yourself if you are really sure you have the skills to pull it off before leaping into action. The last thing you want to do is regret a rash decision, such as taking a sledge hammer to the wall between your kitchen and living room, only to learn that you will have to contact a contractor to do the work anyway. This is especially the case when you start second guessing yourself half way through the project. According to Redfin, trying to do work on your home will often require a permit, which is an area where a professional contractor will come in handy. Common situations where a contractor would be good to have on hand, for example, is any home improvement project involving rewiring a home. Improper wiring, aside from creating a potential code violation, could lead to someone being electrocuted or the house catching on fire. As a rule of thumb, if you do not know what you are doing, it is usually a sign that calling in a professional is the right course of action to take.

That New Addition

Carrying out the building of a new addition to your house can be a daunting task where a contractor will be able to provide their expertise. A botched DIY addition will seriously drag down the overall value of your home’s resale potential. Getting a professional to do it right will help a homeowner avoid this equity diminishing outcome. Then there are the fine details, such as running water to the bathroom portion of the new addition. Even if you study the flange tables, can you really say with confidence that you fully understand what you need for the plumbing work your new addition requires? This is not to say that you cannot learn how to do this type of work on your home; rather, the point is to realistically assess if you have the expertise to do the job yourself or not.


Every day homeowners of varying degrees of home improvement experience get in well over their heads with their latest DIY home improvement projects. Often these homeowners find that the project was way more difficult than they initially expected it to be. In many cases, it is simply easier and cheaper to involve a licensed professional. Doing the work right the first time around will tend to ensure that your home will continue to be the safe and ideal dwelling you always intended to create for you and your family.

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