The Deeper Importance Of Keeping Up To Date With Home Décor

The Deeper Importance Of Keeping Up To Date With Home Décor

People will shun everybody’s opinion if it relates to their neglecting of contemporary trends about home décor. They like the practicality of their house and they like it as it is. Changing means effort and changing means difference than what they are used to. What people fail to see is that change means progress, and keeping their décor the same at all times means staling – not only of the rooms, but of the character as well.

And yes, a stale home will lead to a stale character as the same inability and opposition to change will plague not just the home décor, but every single other decision. If you are unhappy with the services of your new hairdresser will you not seek out another? And what if new stains appear and your old house cleaning products cannot handle them? Does that mean forgetting about spring cleaning just because it requires change? Of course not, but it does sound like something a person who rejects the notion of progress would think.

Forget about keeping the same outlook of your home and get on with the times – not because of other people opinions and not because you just need to be up to date for the sake of being up to date. A willingness to change means a flexibility of character and a current of attitude that can adapt to any kind of alteration in a person’s life. The rejection of change means an inability to face the times you live in. You need to change that old lamp with a new one not because it is a better one, and not because it is the latest one, but because it means that if the old one breaks you will not spend the rest of your days constantly mending it and waiting for it to break again when you can replace it and move on from it.

The Deeper Importance Of Keeping Up To Date With Home Décor

Refusing to change something as shallow and superficial as home décor can also mean that you will refuse to change in a deeper context. If a new person enters your life and your home, one day the outlook will need a change, and refusing one will mean refusing the change in your life. How can you accept that new person’s belongings if you cannot even accept the removal of that old and broken dresser that has been keeping your clothes since you started living in this home? You might find this laughable, but the implications are there: think about how many things have changed in your life. When is the last time you tried a new hair stylist? Have you ever tried out a new cleaning agency? How about a new restaurant? When did you last buy new sheets? For how long have you been using that coffee table? If the answer to all those questions is “since you have them/have started using them”, then you have a problem.

The solution is as simple as it gets: Learn to let go. Let go of the past, and learn to let go of habits for the sake of progress and for the sake of future events. Times constantly change and you should learn to as well. Start with something small and simple like your home décor and prove to yourself and to others that there is no staleness in your life.

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