The Impact Of GST Slabs On Home Appliances

The Impact Of GST Slabs On Home Appliances

Soon after GST has arrived in India, it has become the talk of the town. Don’t you agree? The implementation of Goods and Service Tax took place on 1 July 2017 and since then this in-direct tax regime has been impacting the lives of people. Yes, right from rags to riches, this taxation system is still making a difference in the lives of a common man.

If we talk more about this in-direct tax structure, there are four different GST slabs under which various common goods and services fall hence tax is levied on the same. Talking about the different slabs, the Government has decided the slabs of 5%, 12%,18% and 28% for various goods and services.

Moreover, one of the most impeccable features of this in-direct tax regime is the fact that the moment it is implemented in India, it has replaced all the multiple taxes levied by the State and Central Government.

This is a consumption based in-direct tax, which is levied on sale, manufacturing and consumption of goods and services at the national level. However, one thing that needs to be mentioned here is the fact that exports and direct taxes such as income tax, corporate tax and capital gain tax are not affected by GST. In our earlier edition, we have talked about how this new-tax structure has created its impact on the finance sector, especially the personal loan segment.

So, moving on with the same, today, we will let you know-GST Impact on Home Appliances.

We all have GST impact on home appliances at home to cater our various daily requirements. Appliances like Television, Washing Machine, Refrigerator, Air Conditioned are commonly found in almost any household. But did you know soon after Goods and service tax came in India how these appliances will affect your monthly budget? Are they affordable now or they were expensive pre GST? What is the actual case now? Well, queries like these and much more will soon come to an end as this article is here to answer all that. Yes, read this article further and get more clarity on the same.

GST Impact on Television

If we talk about the pre GST scenario, earlier consumers need to pay 32%-28% tax on TV. Not only this, in fact, some States also charge an Octroi of 5% or more on the same. However, the television sets are marginally expensive at some places such as Delhi where no Octroi is levied. But if we talk about Mumbai, the prices have marginally declined. Just to give you an estimation, we have created a table below, showing the difference.

Television Type: LG OLED 77W7

Pre GST Price: ₹ 30 lakh

Post GST Price: ₹ 31.5 lakh

Net Difference: 5% Increase

Television Type: Samsung Q9F QLED TV

Pre GST Price:₹ 24.99 lakh

Post GST Price: ₹ 26.24 lakh

Net Difference: 5% Increase

Television Type: Sony Bravia KD-65X9300D 65 Inches

Pre GST Price:₹ 3.14 lakh

Post GST Price: ₹ 3.29 lakh

Net Difference: 5% Increase

GST Impact on Refrigerator

Interested in buying a modern refrigerator that can suit your pocket? But don’t know how much it will cost you post GST? Well, the octroi charges differ from state to state but for metropolitan cities like Delhi and Mumbai, refrigerators are marginally expensive. Let’s check out the estimated rate variation below.

Refrigerator Type:Samsung RF28K9380SG

Pre GST Price:₹ 2.65 lakh

Post GST Price:₹ 2.78 lakh

Net Difference: 4.90% increase

Refrigerator Type:LG GR-D35FBGHL

Pre GST Price:₹ 3.35 lakh

Post GST Price:₹ 3.51 lakh

Net Difference: 4.77% increase

Refrigerator Type:Whirlpool Fp 263D Royal Frost-free Double-door Refrigerator (240 Ltrs)

Pre GST Price:₹ 28,925

Post GST Price:₹ 30,371

Net Difference: 4.99% increase

GST Impact on Air Conditioners

Earlier the tax scenario on ACs was 23%,which now have increased to 28%, after the implementation of GST. So for reference, take a look at the comparison below.

Type of Air Conditioners:Blue Star 1 Ton 5 Star Split Air Conditioner

Pre GST Price:₹ 39,000

Post GST Price:₹40,950

Net Difference:5% increase

Type of Air Conditioners:Voltas All Weather Air Conditioner

Pre GST Price:₹ 40,490

Post GST Price:₹ 42,515

Net Difference:5% increase

Type of Air Conditioners:Hitachi 1.5 Ton 5 Star Window Air Conditioner

Pre GST Price:₹ 28,485

Post GST Price:₹ 29,909

Net Difference:5% increase

GST Impact on Washing Machines

Be it semi-automatic, Fully Automatic or Top Loading & Front Loading Washing Machine, no matter  whichever you want to purchase, be ready to pay more for the same with GST Slab of 28%. Let’s examine the differential price on the type of washing machine you’re planning to buy.

Type of Washing Machine:Premium IFB Front Loading, 7 kg washing machine

Pre GST Price:₹ 48,980

Post GST Price:₹ 51,292

Net Difference: 4.72% increase

Type of Washing Machine:Godrej top loading machine

Pre GST Price:₹ 23,570

Post GST Price:₹ 24,737

Net Difference: 4.95% increase

Type of Washing Machine:Semi Automatic Washing Machine (8.5 Kg)

Pre GST Price:₹ 15,275

Post GST Price:₹ 15,991

Net Difference: 4.69% increase

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