The Right Wall Finish Adds Value To The Four Walls

The Right Wall Finish Adds Value To The Four Walls

Would you choose digital prints, textured tiles, or paints for wall finish?

Walls take up most of the space in a home. They are considered as the ‘skin’ of the room.  Good-looking walls make good looking homes. They are integral to interior design and the right finish adds value to the entire house.

They are quite delicate and need regular maintenance so that the value does not diminish. Good wall finishes are plumb and upright. The surfaces may be smooth or may even be textured to enhance the beauty. They make a signature statement or as in many homes, they are like the supportive background with additional décor.

Whatever the case, a good wall finish should be durable too. Non-combustibility and water resistance are also important attributes for kitchen and bathroom walls.

Faux finish to mosaic illusions

The variety is unlimited like an imagination. With professional assistance, the finish can look magical

Walls are the vertical foundations of any room and thus, very noticeable. The type of wall finishing chosen is critical in determining whether the room will look drab or utterly blasé.

Wood paneling is optimum for those who do not mind the extra expenses or upkeep. The material used is either plywood or wood covered with veneer or laminate. Cement plastered finish is very simple. It is prepared with a mixture of cement, water, sand, and mortar and applied manually. The maintenance is minimal.

Tile cladding is another affordable option. Granite or marble tiles are used in various shades and designs to form the wall finish. This is however more preferred for flooring rather than for wall finishing in India.

Canfor finish is very popular; it is also known as faux finish and gives the illusion of stone or brick wall.

For the more luxurious homes, owners prefer a sleek plaster of Paris finish. This gives a gives a very polished and posh look. Other expensive options include stained glass and mosaic glass finishes which are unique and charming in old homes.

Relaxing vibes of a wall finish

Deciphering the kind of vibe the room is giving matters and therefore, the wall finish should be appropriate too.

Long lasting wall finishes are economical and give a good vibe to the space. For example, a wall print can last as much as you want. When you get bored of it, change it. It does not require too much time to reset a new pattern.

The colour of the finish is also meaningful in adding value along with the other features. Cool colors exude a relaxing look and are recommended for bedrooms. Shades of red, yellow, and orange give the impression of energy and are ideal for kitchens and living rooms.

It is not necessary to keep all the walls with the same finish. Have one wall accent that can bring the beauty of the décor. For example a fuchsia wall section can be surrounded by grey coats in the other 3 sections. It lends drama to the bright wall. Add an oil painting and focus an accent lighting on it—it will lend subtlety to the room.

Go beyond conventional materials

Apply unconventional finishes that are like a breath of fresh air

Currently, the trend is moving towards unconventional finishes. There are chalkboard finishes—which are especially useful for a home where the children are rampant and keep vandalizing the walls.

Chalkboard finishes are smooth, easy to clean and let the children explore their creativity without making the parents worry that they will ruin the finishing. Wallpapers are much sought due to elegance and durability. A prosaic finishing can be made to look pretty by hanging decorations or plants.

There is so much more to wall finishes, explore it all!

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