Why Your Joint Pain Needs To Be Treated At Once

Why Your Joint Pain Needs To Be Treated At Once

Many of us harbour several misconceptions about the composition and nature of pains in the body. In fact, we labour under the delusion that painful joints and muscles only affect the elderly. Nothing could be further from the truth – in fact, joint pain can happen even to young children! It all depends on the cause of the pain, and whether one is causing it by overworking or stressing out the joint.

Joint pain has the potential to quickly assume mammoth proportions. Hence, ignoring it or neglecting it can cause the joint to become even more painful. In severe cases, the joint may get ‘locked’ so as to heal, and this can cause decreased mobility. Everyday tasks can also become difficult to carry out, and it can severely hamper one’s lifestyle.

The most common reasons for joint pain

Joint pain is often the direct consequence of a sprain or blunt injury. The body is comprised of scores of joints, so the potential for developing pain in any of them is quite high! However, the most common areas for joint pain are the knees, elbows, shoulders, neck, hips and ankles.

Consider the most common reasons why you get joint pain –

  • Stress to the joint by injury or overwork
  • Injury due to lifting too much weight, or playing sports, or falling or twisting abruptly
  • Inflamed tendons surrounding the joint
  • Fractured joints that are yet to heal correctly
  • Incorrect posture, that deploys too much pressure on the spine, shoulders and neck
  • A bone disease like osteoarthritis, uric acid disease or gout, that slowly erode the cartilage supporting the joints

Most of these can be dealt with at home, but some pains caused by bone disorders require a doctor’s intervention. Timely treatment can go a long way in easing the signs and symptoms of joint aches and pains.

But if the pain is minor and if you think you can treat it by yourself, just grab a tube of Moov, the joint pain cream and get started. It is the best cream for joint pain that you will ever come across – with Moov to help, you will never know what joint pain is!

How to use Moov joint pain cream

  • Ascertain that the joint pain is not caused by bone disease or a fracture. These cannot be treated at home.
  • If the joint pain is a result of a sprain or twist or strain, apply a hot compress to it for a while.
  • Now apply some Moov joint pain cream on the painful joint and gently work it into the site of the pain or swelling. There is no need to rub excessively or exert undue force. Moov cream has a fast-acting formulation that is rapidly absorbed by the skin. The cream penetrates deep into the painful tissues surrounding the aching joint, and seeks to eradicate the source of the pain within the first application itself.
  • Rest the joint, keeping it elevated so that there is no fluid build-up in the joint. After a few hours, you will notice that the pain has reduced considerably.

What makes Moov joint pain cream so effective?

Not for nothing is Moov the best cream for joint pain. It comprises a 100% Ayurvedic formula combining the painkilling and healing properties of eucalyptus oil, turpentine oil, wintergreen oil and mint leaves. These are fast-acting ingredients that remove swelling, heal the painful joints and restore joint function after the first use. Repeated use of Moov joint pain cream results in the pain leaving the joints completely. Besides, it is completely safe for use and recommended by doctors and sports physiotherapists.

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