Tips For A Home Gym That’ll Help You Stick To Your 2016 Fitness Resolutions

With 2016 just beginning, many of us are full of good intentions. Whether you want to start off a whole new fitness regime to get you in better shape for life, or you simply want to return to a level of exercise and healthy eating that perhaps got neglected over the Christmas period, January is a time when we tend to be brimming with motivation and willpower.

Of course, it is widely accepted that most New Year’s resolutions fail. There are lots of reasons for this, but usually that initial energy just sort of wanes, or people become bored of their new plans and lapse back into easier, but lazier habits.

Working Out At Home

One way to stop yourself making excuses and get yourself working out even when you don’t really feel like it is to invest in home fitness. It is much harder to avoid the guilty feelings around not doing the exercise you have paid for when the equipment is staring right at you than when it is in a gym in town, with only those monthly payments on your bank statements to remind you. It is also much easier to fit exercise in to a busy life if you don’t have to go anywhere else to do it.

The location and set up of your home gym can also have an impact on how focused and motivated you feel, so make sure you set yours up for success!

Have a Dedicated Room or Area

One of the first things to think about is making your workout area or home gym its own dedicated space. If you have a garage, basement, or even shed, you can build you gym in there, or you can consider an attractive prefabricated outdoor room such as the garden rooms you can find at This has several advantages, because not only does it ensure you get in the right mindset to exercise and keep you away from distractions you might have in your living room, but it also means that exercising is less of a chore, because you don’t have to get out and put away equipment to do it.

Combat Boredom

There are various ways to combat boredom in your actual workout routine, but you also need to ensure you have some options of things to mentally ‘do’ while you are pounding away at the cardio. Some people just need music or audio books and can keep themselves going just with their phone and some sports headphones, but if you need something to look at, make sure you have a TV in your home gym. If that isn’t possible, even some relevant posters you can read is better than staring at a plain wall while you blast through your cardio.

Your home gym should be a place you feel is just for exercise, and you shouldn’t be bored when you are there. Put some effort in to setting it up and you should find your investment also makes for a good reason to stick to your plans!

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