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Tips To Buy uPVC Doors & Windows For Your Home

Doing up your home is anything but a cakewalk. From colour schemes to doors, windows and their placement, everything must fall in line.  Doors and windows also occupy pole position from a safety and aesthetics standpoint.

These days, unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride or uPVC doors and windows are popular alternatives to wood and aluminium prototypes. This has myriad reasons that include high levels of durability, tenacity, resistance and ease of maintenance. Before installing uPVC doors and windows, it’s advisable however to walk through what makes them such a rage.


The strength of uPVC doors and windows is measured by the multi chambered uPVC profile supported by galvanized steel. Reputed manufacturers maintain a standard profile width of 2.3mm to 3mm and thickness between 1 mm to 3mm which makes these doors highly durable and resistant to flaking and cracking.  Check on it when you decide to buy.

Energy efficiency

Next up is energy efficiency. Modern lifestyle needs hinge on power to build new-age environments. Energy efficiency hence becomes critical in the overall scheme of things, especially consumption costs.  uPVC doors and windows are low conductors of heat and come with a temperature seal. A tactical advantage could be having silicone sealants encapsulate all such windows and associated walls. Silicone sealants work as an effective barrier and prevent any kind of heat exchange, allowing you to save up energy.


Security always remains a top priority to homes. uPVC doors and windows come with a concealed locking system, made of quality hardware. It’s a definite edge if you can have prototypes with key elements like handles, friction stays and hinges done in high grade stainless steel coupled with a single-or-multi-point lock. You can also consider double glazed laminated window glass for an added security layer.


It is advisable to check the warranty period of the products you purchase. Reputed window glass manufacturers generally offer one-year warranty on hardware and ten years on uPVC profiles. They also offer effective after-sales mechanisms to address maintenance issues like realignment, broken glass, sash, hinge and handles; problems with rollers or sliders; water penetration etc. Purchasing  from well-established brands therefore means  a hassle-free experience with quality products and customer support.

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