Things To Do At Arenal Lake, Costa Rica

Top 5 Things That You Should Do When At Arenal Lake, Costa Rica

Lake Arenal at the northern region of Costa Rica is just a dream place to live. There is a lot that can be done at this beautiful place but we don’t want you to miss out on the unique attractions of Arenal Lake, Costa Rica. So here is the list of 5 exciting things that you can do at this fun and yet peaceful place.

  1. Go for Water Sports

The artificially constructed Arenal Lake is blessed with strong winds and a pleasant climate which attracts a lot of visitors and locals. People at this place enjoy their life by being around water and taking advantage of the amazing climate. So one popular activity that you will notice around Arenal Lake is wind surfing. People come in groups to enjoy this with friends and family.

Another major activity people perform at Arenal Lake is Sport fishing. You will find a list of companies at the Arenal Lake who offer these amazing activities on comfortable catamarans and even meals.

The next on the list is jet skiing. You can rent your jet skis and move over those waves to have more fun in the water.

  1. Walk for Relaxation

If you are the kind of person who loves to walk out the scenic beauty of nature then this is just the right place for you. Amidst the mountains of Arenal lake, what you get is a huge bridge surrounded by the beauty of the forest. You can just walk past this area with your mate and feel the air of love, peace and serenity around you.

To add to the beauty of the view is the volcano in the background. If you are an adventurous person, you can move around in the forest by yourself to explore the animals and surroundings. Or the second option is to take a guide along with you.

  1. Don’t miss the waterfall

Right in the middle of the forest is the La Fortuna Waterfall. Its location can tell you much about the beauty this waterfall attaches to itself. The best way to reach this area is to take a short but scenic ride of a horse. You will be mesmerized by the nature around this area.

Water means fun. So do take your pool bag along with you and enjoy splashing and relaxing under the sun and inside the water. Truly a Heaven!

  1. Hike around the Arenal Volcano National Park

Situated inside the Arenal National Park is the Arenal Volcano and you are allowed to explore this area to the fullest with cutest colorful birds and splendid plants all around it. You can mount up to a part of the volcano by yourself ( to an extent that you are sure to be safe). Another way is to keep a guide. Well this is a unique opportunity to feel the surface moving and hear the roaring of the volcanos.

  1. Do visit Monteverde Cloud Forest

One of the seven wonders of Costa Rica and therefore this is a MUST place to visit. If you wish to spend your day around the wildlife and biodiversities of Costa Rica, you should not miss coming to Monteverde Cloud Forest. You will be enchanted with the hummingbirds moving around the clouded forest area of Monteverde Cloud Forest.  

Every new place has some unique beauty to give to its visitors but being at Arenal Lake, you will find many such mesmerizing elements that will make you fall for this place. Many people prefer these days to leave the crowded and hectic life of cities and move to such peaceful areas. Experience a life close to Nature.

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