Top Features and Benefits Of Automated Sliding Gates

Top Features and Benefits Of Automated Sliding Gates

In contrast to the age-old security locks and gates that needed to be operated manually, the automated sliding gates are not just inexpensive security options for your home and office, but they also contribute to the overall beautification of your residential or commercial property.

6 benefits of automated sliding gates:

  • Ease of use: is one of the major benefits as they are simple to use. These gates can slide along a thin aluminum channel automatically, and you do not have to wait for long hours before the door opens.  These gates can be connected to mobile phones, have remote control access or vehicle recognition.
  • Security: as compared to traditional gates that required manual locking system, these gates are simpler. They are equipped with innovative and automatic locking or bolting technology which activates the moment gate is shut. They have heavy duty latch post. These automatic locks, integrated safety beams, combined with other features boost security.
  • Visual appeal: These gates are available in variety of styles, designs and innovative technology and security mechanisms to suit the house or commercial requirements.  There are many designs and colors as well as materials available, with which you can also customize the design of the automated sliding gates.
  • These automated sliding gates do not occupy much space, and they can be installed in the front as well as in the rear end of your home or warehouse.
  • Highly functional in certain conditions by providing wider openings and are excellent suggestions for drive ways that have slope.
  • Durability: Design and manufacturing of these gates is done with precision technology. These automated sliding gates are tough, durable, flexible and fire-resistant, giving no way for sudden accidents.

Affordability clubbed with functionality:

Automated sliding gates are affordable. A variety of design options are available to meet preference and requirements of the customers and can successfully be used in any residential drive ways, commercial properties drive ways, factory or industrial drive ways and schools etc.

  • Automated sliding gates much in demand. People are shifting from regular old style gates to the technologically practical, secured and reliable gates.
  • These are an excellent solution for space constraint and uneven ground levels. These gates are highly recommended and reliable in city considering the busy roads, traffic and unpredictable weather.
  • Automated sliding gates uses motorized technology applying low voltage system. These are majorly custom designed by taking measurements, keeping in mind the exterior of the house.
  • These dual purpose practical gates are highly sleek, stylish and can easily cater to any sort of security and fencing demand. They can be manufactured using timber which is treated hardwood providing quality durability, steel are RS galvanized and can be powder coated to match any color exterior of the house or building, aluminum and wrought iron, etc. These highly durable gates are equipped with modern features and are completely rust free and easy to maintain.

You can choose from a wide range of manufacturers:

There are many gate manufacturers and installers in Melbourne specializing in different types of gates and quality post installation repair and maintenance service. They regularly do complete assessment of the gate to check for any malfunctioning area or repair required.  Lubrication and roller adjustments are present, which mark easy operation of these gates.

With increasing crime rates, it is important to install high quality security system. Gates are first line of defence and should be strong. The automated sliding gates can easily be equipped with modern security features like intercom and camera. Apart from this the automated fencing and sliding gates gives a broader look to the drive way thereby increases its value.

The automated sliding gates consume less power, are equipped with complete automated and emergency manual operation, hassle free maintenance, easy installation and offer impeccable finish.Visit link to get best guidelines about automated sliding gates.

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