Use Of One Hole Kitchen Faucets Can Be A Good Choice

If you are wondering whether to go for one hole kitchen faucets or the double handle ones, then you should take out some time and consider the contributing factors that will affect your choice. For most people, a one-hole faucet is a better choice due to convenience and also for maintenance factor, while others may think differently. It also boils down to personal preference, requirements, and functions and of course affordability.

The Pros And Cons Of A Single-Handle Faucet

To start with, one hole kitchen faucets are easier to use. Apart from that, as there is only one hole to be made on the countertop, these faucets are easier to install as well. Moreover, due to the advancement in technology and design of these single-hole faucets, you will get the same functionality and control as the double holed ones. And if you are looking at style quotient, then have a look at the latest collection of these products that can make your kitchen easily stand out from others.

Use Of One Hole Kitchen Faucets Can Be A Good Choice

However, there are some downside of these one hole kitchen faucets as you will have limited capacity. Moreover, if the faucet has hot and cold water system installed in it then you may have difficulty in knowing which way to turn to get the desired temperature of water. Apart from that when such faucets leak, you will have to shut down both the hot and cold water valves for replacing it.

Comparing With Double-Handle Kitchen Faucet

When you compare the one hole kitchen faucets with the other variant one thing that you get is a better control to adjust the temperature of the water easily as per your requirement. Apart from that, you get a better control of the flow rate of water, whether it is hot or cold water.

However, installation of a double handle faucet is much more difficult than a single-holed faucet as typically there are three holes required to be cut on the countertop. Moreover, the cost of replacement is also high as you will have to replace both the handles when such double handled faucets leak.

Make A Good Choice

Despite of all these facts, the entire choice depends on your personal requirements and also at the current sink installed in your kitchen whether it can accommodate a double-handle faucet. To make the perfect choice, you will have to look after a few other factors in the faucets, single or double holed.

Look for the sink mounting holes location as the faucet needs to be close to the center of your sink. If it is side located, then take care of the spout that needs to be longer.

It is also necessary to check whether or not the new faucet is compatible with the water supply lines in your kitchen.  Take a note at the shutoff valves as well located under the sink. Lastly, take a look at the finish of the faucet for the aesthetics that will be compatible with your kitchen hardware and the accessories of the sink itself.

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