Vacuum Cooking and Traditional Cooking - A Quick Comparison

Vacuum Cooking and Traditional Cooking – A Quick Comparison

Since vacuum cooking has taken the culinary world by storm, and many of us are still comfortable in our traditional cooking styles, we are about to do a quick comparison of the two methods, so that you can see for yourself why the former is better than the latter.

Definition of the terms:

Traditional cooking, in a broader sense, refers to the old cooking style of cooking your food in a greased pan, placed on a stove. This is the method that our respective grandmas and great-grandmas used for dishing out those mouth-watering dishes everyday. Our mothers, might have become slightly technically complicated and stepped up their game of cooking the food in an oven. However, everything was the same; the stove was simply replaced by the oven.

Vacuum cooking, or sous vide, involves cooking your food on a stove or in an oven, in the absence of air, so that the foods doesn’t get overcooked and remains juicier. A packaging machine is used to pack the food in an airtight manner for this process. Minipack-torre is one of the leading company in producing those kind of machines.

Equipments needed:

Traditional cooking:

1. Your ingredients

2. Butter or oil for greasing

3. Herbs and Spices

4. A stove or an oven, a pan and a spoon/spatula for stirring.

Vacuum cooking:

1. Your ingredients

2. A plastic bag made of polyethylene for cooking the dish

3. A packaging machine

4. Herbs and Spices

5. A stove or an oven, a pan and a spoon/spatula for stirring, occasionally.

6. A cooking thermometer

Now, the equipments in the latter might be more, but notice how harmful ingredients like fat and butter have not been mentioned. This means that vacuum cooking encourages healthy cooking.

The quality of the dishes:

Traditional cooking:

When you specially cook meat, using this method, the outer edges tend to get overcooked as you wait for it to get cooked on the inside.

Vacuum cooking:

This method allows you to cook food in the absence of air which helps it to keep it juicy while cooking it properly and also prevents the decay of food.


Vacuum cooking gives your fresh, juicier food, is easy to follow, and even if you leave the food to cook for longer than you should, it won’t effect the taste because of the absence of air. Are you sure you don’t want to adopt the vacuum cooking technique now?

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