Rehab or rehabilitation helps a person to recover from mental or physical illness as well as injuries and addictions. But rehab commonly refers to rehab programs to deal with drug addiction. Drug addicts in particular need the special care and focus provided by a drug rehab.

Here are some facts about drug rehabs:

  • Patients can leave any time: This freedom is provided because the success of any rehab program depends on the cooperation of the patient. He must have a desire to take part in the program and be willing to kick his habits. Rehabs in Hawaii provide a conducive environment.
  • Drug rehab facilities aid in the process of drug addicts re-entering society. Addiction changes the behaviour of a person which impacts all aspects of his life- including family life and work.
  • There are many types of drug rehab centers. Some help patients with a particular drug addiction while others address a broad range of addiction issues.
  • Some rehabs are age or gender specific. This enables the patients to feel more comfortable.
  • There is also a choice between in-patient rehab and out-patient rehab.
  • Sometimes there is as stigma attached to rehab centers. There is a misconception that patients are held against their will. This is not true and rehabs work only by cooperation with patients. But sometimes, they may be referred to rehabs by a court order. But usually they continue on their own volition.
  • Drug rehab centers vary from basic centers to luxury treatment facilities. Patients make a choice based on their budgets and details of insurance. But even if luxury drug rehabs provide more facilities, they may not always offer the best treatment. A final decision must be made after ascertaining all details of a rehab.
  • Patents may have to undergo a detox program prior to entering a rehab centre. It refers to a process in which the addictive substance is removed completely from the body of the patient. This takes about a week and the patient’s condition is monitored by nurses and doctors. After detox, a patient is ready to enter rehab.
  • Drug rehab centers help patents change their attitude towards drug addiction. In many cases, addicts do not admit that they have a drug addiction and may even claim that drugs are not harmful. The first step in rehab is to get rid of this attitude of denial and make a commitment to change.
  • Counselors and doctors in Drug rehab facilities help patients set goals for themselves. They must make a commitment to self as well as loved ones to make a positive change in their life. Goals must be short term as well as long term.
  • To help patients in denial, doctors will educate them about consequences of addiction and abuse of drugs. When patients become aware of the physical and emotional impact of drugs, they will become motivated to kick the habit.

One important part of drug rehab treatment is counseling. Counseling sessions may be carried out as a daily routine. Counselors help patients find out any psychological, emotional or

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