Which Worktop Surface Is Right For You?

When you are giving your kitchen or bathroom a makeover, the choice that you make for the worktop will impact how the room looks and the functionality of it as well. Your selection can also determine the amount and type of care you’ll need to give the worktop regularly. You should first determine your budget, decide how much maintenance you want to do on your worktop, and establish the look that you want to achieve in the kitchen or bathroom. It’s also important to find a trusted supplier here in London that can help you with your decisions. Which worktop is the right choice for you? Use some of the tips below to guide you to the ideal choice.

  • When you are searching for new worktops, you’ll have a wide selection of materials from which to choose. Some of the most popular are laminate, wood, glass, composite stone, stainless steel and granite worktops for London kitchens needing upgrades. Each surface will have advantages that you should explore before you make your final choice. Be sure to consider your wants and needs as you go through the various options.
  • One of the first points to think about is the practicality of the surface that you are considering. Do you have small children? If you do, choosing a glass worktop is probably not a practical approach. If you enjoy cooking a great deal, you may want to use granite since it is resistant to heat and can withstand a hot pan that comes directly from your stove. Stainless steel is an excellent choice if you are concerned about using an anti-bacterial material that won’t provide a medium for germs to grow in.
  • Another thing to think about will be the quality look and feel that your worktop surface will give to the kitchen or bathroom. Granite is an ideal choice if you are looking for colours, shades, or patterns that make each surface look unique. With granite you will get a worktop that is tough, resistant to mould and heat, and is more economical than engineered composites. You should also take into consideration that granite worktops need to be sealed about once during a six-month period so that the porous surface will remain protected.
  • For a highly polished look that makes a statement with the unique beauty that it has, consider marble. You’ll capture the “wow” factor with the unique colours and patterns featured in its surface. Remember that marble is delicate, so you must be wary of citrus juices, red wines, and scratches that cannot be repaired.
  • For a robust look, stainless steel should be your choice. It cannot be stained but it will require a great deal of work to keep clean since it will show finger marks and grease rather easily. You should also be aware that stainless steel will scratch easily as well. Stainless steel will give your kitchen an industrial look that is especially popular if you do a lot of cooking and entertaining in your home.

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