Why Residents’ Of Kent Should Consider A Loft Conversion?

If you are living in the south east of England in Kent, (UK) you should strongly consider converting your loft to make the additional space usable.

Why Should I Convert My Loft?

There are several reasons why you should convert your loft to a usable space.

1/ The increase of the value of your property.

Implementing a loft conversion means that the value of your property will increase, (typically by a minimum of 20%) so taking these figures as gospel (even though that is an overly conservative estimate) assuming you have a house in kent that is worth £250,000, you could increase the value of that by around £50,000, so an investment of £30,000 in a kent loft conversion, could increase the value of your property by £50,000-£60,000.

2/ The increased appreciation of the value of your property.

Taking into account the above figures, properties have a tendency to increase in value, meaning that not only will you sell the house at a profit when taking into account the cost of the loft conversion, the overall value of that house will also appreciate (increase) over time.

  • In the period between 1995 and 2016 the house prices in Kent have risen by 303% meaning that if you had a house of the value of £121,015 in 1995 it would now be worth, £488,016.

3/ Having a loft conversion increases the usable space in your home

This means that you can have extra rooms on your property and extra usable space, you could have an additional bedroom for any new arrivals with an en suite, you could have a games’ room or a home cinema, there are also additional options available to you which brings this article to the next point:

4/ Rental income opportunities

There are lots of people wanting to rent a room in Kent, with a converted loft, you’ll be able to participate in this booming market if you’re so inclined, meaning you can have an additional income stream from people renting out the additional space from you with monthly rental payments due, as your tenant.

In conclusion, the possibilities with a kent loft conversion are endless, there is so much you can do when you develop property and you’re only limited by your own imagination.

The advantages far outweigh the risks and as long as you choose high quality building professionals then you should have a great experience when expanding your home.

Quick Tip: Make sure that you are clear on the plans and planning permission before undertaking a project of this scale, you will need permission from your local authority before undertaking a loft conversion or a basement conversion.

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