XNSPY – The Best WhatsApp Spy App In Town

If you have been looking for the perfect WhatsApp spy app, you are in the right place. Apparently you can find tons of monitoring apps but hardly there will be any, which can match the standards of XNSPY. It’s much more than just an app that can spy on WhatsApp chats and media files, it can control a smartphone!

What Else Do You Need To Know About XNSPY

Well this app can serve your workplace and parental monitoring requirements. Some of the amazing features that this app has to offer are:

A Remote Control

The software can control the target user’s smartphone. It can lock the phone, wipe date over it or send certain commands, all this through XNSPY’s webpage based control panel. But first, you have to download the app into the smartphone which you wish to monitor. Choose a package plan and payment method and you will be emailed all your account and activation details. A physical access to the device will be required for few minutes.

GPS Tracker

Whether it’s about tracking your delivery guys at work or your kids at home, the app is a complete tracker. It can locate the target user in real-time. You can also view the location history from the time, the app get installed in the device.

With geo-fencing, you can always deduce the shortest route for deliveries by ensuring that the employees follow your instructions. You can mark the areas of your choice as authorized or unauthorized, depending where do you want to see the targeted user.

Track other IM chats too

You can also track other IMs like Facebook, Line, Viber or Skype. Not only you can get logs of conversations with all the contacts’ details but also the photos, videos and audio that are shared from your kids or employees’ phone.

Email Monitoring

This feature is pretty handy for employers, as email monitoring is essential for any business’s internal security. Companies are more prone to treats from insiders than the outsiders these days.


With this WhatsApp spying app, you can get alerts on specific words, contacts or areas, whenever they will be used by the target user

XNSPY is a great WhatsApp spy app than you can trust on.

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