Xperia Z4 v/s Samsung Galaxy Note 5

It’s time to begin the tech battle. Rivalry between the korean and japanese firm- samsung and xperia isn’t anything new. Their desire of being better than their counterpart has led to highly efficient and amazing smartphones.

But who knew this rivalry or competitive spirit will lead them in the manufacturing of  KINGPIN of all smartphones and phablets “The SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 5 and XPERIA Z4”.

All the rumors and expectations are going to come true. These tech creatures will be battling with each other and it is going to be a step way ahead in the field of technology. Putting an end to this heat, it’s time for them to speak about themselves.

Foremost picking up the similarities, both these phablets will have a display size of 5.9-6.2”, ultra-size batteries above 3500mhz. Also its amusing for all users because these 4G enabled phablets will come with a surprise launch of ANDROID 6.0 (expected).

Tighten you seat belts because now it’s time for counting the stars. The samsung galaxy note 5 comes with a metallic curved body and a design similar to that of a distorted rock which will fit in every hand as if it was meant to be there. There’s more to go with this, the corning gorilla glass 5 (completely scratch proof), internal memory of  32gb as well as another variant with 64gb and expandable upto 128gb. The samsung galaxy note 5 has moved way ahead of phablets because its astounding features are more comparable to that of medium range laptops like RAM-4gb and an octa-core processor -3.2ghz . This will be the begining of a new generation of phablets. Samsung has worked very had and finally is out with a primary camera of 19mp and a secondary camera of 4.7mp with touch free technology. And the cherry on the top, it’s the stylus of note 5 that comes with a “hover-over technology”.

But this is not the end, it’s time to move on to the next level.

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The XPERIA Z4. This marvellous piece of engineering comes with such a jaw dropping glass body that even the mirrors of your house will loose their shine. It doesn’t lag behind samgung’s note 5 in any aspect. If one has corning gorilla glass 5 then later has shatter proof glass with triluminous display and X-reality engine which will show your eyes a world they definitely wouldn’t have seen. A leading feature that xperia provides is the IP68 certified water proof feature, which can be a distinguishing factor between these two. Last but not the least, the most demanding feature , a feature that captures your moment, the camera of  XPERIA Z4 gives a hand to hand combat to SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 5 with it’s exceptionally brilliant 20.7mp camera.

Choosing one of these is going to be tough very tough but none will make you regret your decision.

Both of them are masters of their own arena,  “ awesomness in a nutshell”.

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