5 Types Of Communities That Are Great For The Active Adult

5 Types Of Communities That Are Great For The Active Adult

Adults who like to stay engaged and active even after retirement have lots of opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals in communities that attract those with shared interests. The best active adult communities host regular social functions, offer residents stunning views to appreciate, and encourage an active lifestyle. In this article, we’ll explore five types of communities that are great for the active adult.

Green Retirement Communities

The current popularity of living a “green” lifestyle with a minimal carbon footprint has resulted in a boom of green retirement communities. These complexes are populated by individuals and couples with similar ideological worldviews and visions of more harmonious interaction between nature and society.

In addition the buildings in these communities being constructed more sustainably than most other places, these communities place priority on remaining eco-friendly. Many of these communities have recycling programs, onsite vegetable and fruit gardens, and other eco-friendly opportunities for residents to participate in.

Country Club

Making your new domicile a country club home carries a number of noteworthy perks, so it’s no wonder that more and more active adults are looking at country club homes for sale.

First of all, country club homes are, by their design, situated right on top of beautifully manicured land. Not only does this provide a great view of all the greenery right outside your window, it also makes hitting the fairway for a round or two of golf as easy as walking out of your front door. Also, if you’re a golf player, you’ll be able to connect and build friendships with tons of other adults who share your enthusiasm for the game.

In addition to golfing, country clubs host many other activities. Tennis courts and fitness centers offer more options for exercise to residents and members. If you’re looking to be pampered a little, many clubs also have spas to enjoy. After, stop for a bite to eat and any of the dining options available.

Beachside Condo

Florida cities and towns along the coast are full of condominiums with specific age requirements that cater to retired but active adults who enjoy swimming, fishing, or otherwise enjoying the captivating Atlantic Ocean outside of their condos. Beachside condos have historically been one of the most popular options for active adults looking to connect socially with others in similar positions.

City-Based Apartment Complexes

More and more apartment complexes in large cities are springing up that cater particularly to active older adults. For the many active adults who want to remain close to their children or grandchildren, city-based apartment complexes offer all the social connections that other retirement communities have. 

Traditionally, retirement communities were built closer to the edges of town than the center. While this encouraged a peaceful atmosphere, it cut active adults off from the many entertainment and dining options that fill cities. It also cut them off from many transportation options. City-based apartments for active adults open up these opportunities again.

Community Farming

Active adult communities have begun specializing in unique ways, including as farm-to-table communities with their own functional gardens. These represent fantastic opportunities to hone your farming skills (or develop them from scratch) while remaining active and, best of all, continuing to contribute economically in important ways.

There are many types of communities out there for active adults. No matter your interests, you can find a community that caters to you.

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