Cheap and Simple Office Extras That Can Boost Your Employees' Morale

Cheap and Simple Office Extras That Can Boost Your Employees’ Morale

Happy employees tend to be more productive. Because of this, office managers need to do what they can in order to make their office a place where each employee actually wants to go every day and where they can be comfortable once they’re there. You can easily boost your employees’ morale by incorporating some of these cheap and simple office extras.

Water Cooler

Your employees need to stay hydrated while they are at work. Unfortunately, it can get rather expensive to keep stocking your workplace refrigerator with bottles of water, and all those plastic bottles are bad for the environment. You can easily solve this by getting a water cooler instead. Water delivery tends to be inexpensive, and you can encourage your employees to bring their own reusable water bottles that they can fill up at the water cooler.


Most of your employees drink coffee. You can easily boost their morale by providing fresh coffee for them each day. Providing coffee means that they won’t have to bring coffee from home or step out of the office for a bit when they need an extra caffeine boost. 

Of course, not everyone wants the same coffee, and you don’t want to waste coffee if the whole pot doesn’t get used. There are a variety of K-cups that you can purchase for your employees. You can get an assortment to cater to everyone’s preferences. You can even send out a poll before you order so your employees get a say in which K-cups are available in the office. 

You can save some money by encouraging your employees to bring their own coffee cups or their favorite coffee creamers to share with others.

Sitting Area

During lunch or break times, your employees will want a place to sit away from their desk. Leaving their workspace for their breaks helps employees relax, so that they can come back recharged and ready to work. You can easily provide them with a sitting area that they can use. All you need is a few inexpensive chairs and a couple of side tables. You can transform a corner in your office into a sitting area in less than an hour. Your employees will appreciate having a comfortable place to sit when it’s time for them to step away from their desk for a bit.

Achievement Wall

Employees like to feel appreciated. You can do this by making an achievement wall. You can post things on it like birthdays, marriages, births, or special accomplishments. You can also go one step further by adding jokes or motivational sayings or even pictures from company events. It costs practically nothing to make an achievement wall, but it can have a huge impact on your employees’ morale each day.

All office managers need to be concerned about the morale of their employees. Fortunately, there are a lot inexpensive and easy ways to show your employees that you care about them. By utilizing some of the cheap and simple office extras mentioned above, you can boost your employees’ morale and make them actually want to come to work.

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