9 Reasons Why Silestone Worktops Are Better Than Regular Worktops

There is a variety in the types of kitchen worktops and the most preferable is Silestone. These materials are usually installed in the important rooms of a given property, the kitchen and bathroom.

Purchasing any other worktop material will certainly cost you more in the long run as there would be associated maintenance costs. Since, you need to use them regularly, the decision has to be made sensibly.

Silestone, a combination of approximately 95% resin and quartz, are fused together to form a solid and consistent material. Silestone is often known as ‘engineered stone’ and is commonly used in many homes because of its certain qualities like durability, versatility and colour variation. Thus, with Silestone you have a wide number of choices that look the same like a natural stone.

9 Reasons Why Silestone Worktops Are Better Than Regular Worktops

Below is a list of 9 reasons that will prove why silestone worktops are better than regular worktops.


Certain Silestone types look like marble but have a long life span. It is approximately the same weight and density as granite, and can be cut into the exact dimensions as a granite worktop would be. Apart from beauty, the fraction of quartz in Silestone gives it strength and makes it scratch-resistant.


Unlike granite, Silestone worktops do not require sealing because it is already non-porous. Silestone also resist stains for a long duration without need to have a protective coating.


Silestone is naturally beautiful quartz. It’s ideal combination of beauty and practicality make Silestone the world’s leading natural quartz surface. Silestone is available in a variety of colours, no matter what your taste is.

Silestone is a smart choice for architects, property developers and homeowners as it delivers a unique beauty.

Also, Silestone is available in more color consistency than granite. Thus, it becomes easier to pick colours from samples eliminating the need to visit a stone yard.

Performance and Reliability

Silestone is a dense and non-porous stone that renders excellent performance and reliability. The material is highly resistant to scratch and stain.


Silestone kitchen worktops are easy to maintain. To clean them, you can wipe them with a damp sponge. Also, avoid using harsh chemicals on the worktop.

Anti-bacterial Quality

Silestone has an added advantage over other worktops. There is a tendency of less bacterial formation or accumulation on the surface of the worktop. The composition of Silestone makes it challenging for bacteria to grow on this material. Also, Silestone has a distinct bacteriostatic protection system which is devised to resist bacteria.

Heat Resistance

Silestone is one such material that is heat resistant, but can get affected by extreme changes in direct temperature. When using Silestone worktops, there needs to be taken care of placing extremely hot pans on a trivet or similar base.

Scratch Resistance

Silestone is one of the scratch-resistant materials in the world which make the material a preferable choice for kitchen worktops.


The cost of Silestone may be medium to high initially although very low with the passage of time since it does not require maintenance or sealing/resealing.

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