Essential Items For A Well-Stocked Cocktail Bar

Essential Items For A Well-Stocked Cocktail Bar

Creating a cocktail bar at home can be a big dream come true. With so many restrictions created by the recent pandemic, now may just be the right time to make the investment. If you’ve decided that you’re ready to invest in your very own cocktail bar, there are a few essential items that you’ll need to stock up on.

Staple Liquors

The difference between a cocktail bar and a home kitchen is the amount of options available. Most people keep a bottle of liquor in the fridge or on the counter. However, a cocktail bar must have a few staple liquors to truly be a home bar. Try to have one in each category. These include vodka, light rum, dark rum, bourbon, and gin. If you have a favorite that isn’t one of the staples, such as absinthe, amaretto, or champagne, feel free to expand your list.

Mind Your Glassware and Bar Tools

You can’t have a cocktail bar without investing in some key tools and glassware. When it comes to bar tools, you’ll need a few. These are a spoon, jigger, shaker, strainer, bottle opener, wine opener, and an ice bucket. Most of these items can be purchased from your local liquor store. When it comes to glassware, a few key items include wine glasses, shot glasses, martini glasses, flutes, and rocks glasses. You don’t need to buy them all at once. You could add key pieces to your collection each time you go to the store. Think about what you need for the next cocktail you are interested in making at home.

Have the Mixers on Hand

Every cocktail bar needs some mixers to ensure a smooth drink. The first is the most important for any bar. It’s ice! Yes, ice is a mixer component that you must have. Other options include juices, sodas, and syrup. If you’ve ever wondered what makes a drink at a bar sweeter than one you pour at home, it comes down to the simple syrup, grenadine, and sour mix. Based on the liquor you have on hand or regularly purchase, you can choose a variety of mixed drinks to try next. That will help you decide which mixers to look for.


No good cocktail bar is complete without some beer. Cocktails tend to be sugary, sweet drinks, and not everyone will enjoy them. It’s best to have a couple of options for your guests. Consider light beers and lagers in your choice. Most beer drinkers will have minimal problems switching from one light beer to another. However, it can be an unwilling stretch to drink a dark lager when one usually prefers a light beer.

Stocking a cocktail bar is fairly easy to do when one makes a list of the essentials. The above four items are the essential components that make up any good cocktail bar. Do yourself a favor and focus on these items first. As your cocktail bar expands, then you can focus on fancy umbrellas, stirring sticks, and having every beer available in your bar refrigerators.

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