How to Prepare Your Home Now For Spring Pests

How to Prepare Your Home Now For Spring Pests

During spring, pests come out from their hiding places and invade homes. Although a large number of them die during winter due to extreme temperatures, their decrease can hardly be noticed by humans. Many of them still survive to wreak havoc in our homes during spring. Here are ways to prepare your home for pests come this spring.

Perform an Examination

The first thing to do when pest-proofing your home is to examine the exterior of your home. Look for cracks and holes on the door, foundation, and windows. Tiny pests like mites, spiders, and bees enter your house through these cracks.

Clean Up

Pests like living in the dining, especially if there are food spills or unsealed food packages. To keep pests away, always keep your counters and floors clean. Simple household chores such as cleaning can go a long way in fighting against household pests.

Also, it is essential to keep all trash receptacles sealed. Therefore, clean food spills immediately and ensure the waste bin is always sealed.

Control Moisture

Many pests thrive in a damp environment or live where they can easily access drinking water. Pooling water, leaky pipes, and clogged gutters can attract numerous crawling creatures. For that reason, repair leaking pipes on time and unclog gutters to reduce moisture in your environment.

Inspect Your Interior

After inspecting the exterior of your home, move on to the interior. Spring cleaning goes beyond pressure washing your carpet. It is time to inspect any of the decorations you brought to the house. Check the basement for dampness that can attract insects like spiders and silverfish. Additionally, check the attics for nesting animals like rodents. Inspect every corner to make sure no pest made its way indoors.

Know Your Energy

Pest control can be tricky if you don’t know the insects to expect. While pests stay around all year, some thrive in spring. After winter, there is adequate stagnant water for mosquitoes to thrive. Also, rats and termites begin their mating cycle during spring. Once you identify the type of pests to expect, the easier it will be to fight them.

Maintain Your Yard

As the temperatures rise and snow melts, it is time to maintain your yard. Winter leaves behind potential pest inhabitants like dead leaves, debris, mud, and melted snow. Thick overgrowth and damp wood are habitats for spring pests.

Besides, clear off stagnant water to prevent mosquito breeding. Start maintaining your yard as early as now to eliminate spring pests’ hazards.

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