How Retired Military Members Can Find Family Homes In Locations With Jobs

How Retired Military Members Can Find Family Homes In Locations With Jobs

When you decide that it’s time to retire from your military service, there are several life changes that you’ll need to take care of. Finding a place to live is a big change that worries many. Here are some helpful tips on how to find family homes where there are jobs available.

Start By Asking for On-Base Housing

The Department of Defense does offer on-base housing for military retirees in some situations. If you’ve spent most of your military career on a base, you’re likely more comfortable spending your retirement years on a base than in a civilian community. You can typically qualify for on-base housing if you go to a base where there is a surplus of housing beyond what the active-duty personnel readily need.

Apply for A VA Home Loan

The VA offers many different home loan programs for military personnel. Whether you’re looking to purchase an existing home or are looking at new construction homes, there’s a VA loan for that. They also offer adapted housing grants. These are grants for veterans who have disabilities and need to adapt or modify their house to fit their needs.

Talk with the Veterans ReEmployment Center

The military is there to help ensure your transition into civilian life is smooth. The Veterans ReEmployment Center is a place that will connect you with employers who are looking for personnel that have the skills that you learned in the military. This vast resource of employment resources will assist you in finding locations where jobs are in abundance in your desired field.

Get Connected with US Military on the Move

U.S. Military on the Move is a program offered by real estate professionals. The top independent real estate companies provide retired military personnel with expert realtors in various cities around the country. All you need to do is simply register online to get started. You can gain tons of information from these realtors about home prices, market statistics, and employment opportunities. Consider them a free resource to get the information that you need.

Retiring from the military may not be something that you have planned for. However, it does happen, and embracing the first task of finding a family home is a must. This way, your family is well prepared to move into civilian life with the least amount of resistance as possible. By employing the four tips above, you’ll be sure to find you and your family a nice home in a city where you’ll have plenty of employment opportunities.

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