Past Employee Of The Month: How to More Meaningfully Celebrate Your Employees' Success

Past Employee Of The Month: How to More Meaningfully Celebrate Your Employees’ Success

With many new developments impacting the workforce, there has never been a better time to recognize and reward employee success. In the past, company newsletters and workplace plaques would list the monthly top performers and high achievers as a gesture of appreciation. Now, though, with people putting their health on the line in many jobs, there are other ways to celebrate employee achievements that may be more appreciated.

Personalized Engraving

A newsletter congratulations is nice, but a personalized engraving lasts longer. In fact, it can be cherished for years to come and last even into retirement. Items that can be engraved may include a classy pen set, an ornate mug, or an elegant trophy with the employee’s name, dates of service if applicable, and the achievement being highlighted. Engraving options include the use of script or print, letter size, and colors with countless options to choose from. A testament of this kind provides a permanent memento of a special occasion.

Bonus Gift

Some organizations honor employee service with tangible gifts. Traditionally, these have included functional items like clocks or chairs. High quality letter openers, briefcases, and computer bags often are given as service awards. Semi-tangible gifts include tickets to a special public event related to sports, drama, or music. Personal gifts like a long-sought designer golf bag or an all-expense paid trip for two to a luxury destination make the commemoration all the more meaningful.

Free Time

Rewards in the business world often boil down to time or money. Extra vacation days or a bonus check for unused sick days are welcomed by many employees being honored. Flexible scheduling time or working remotely from home are more time-based rewards that are especially helpful to employees with family responsibilities.

Celebration Event

More significant accomplishments may deserve a company celebration. This can take the form of a department banquet or a company-wide reception. An awards night can be planned to recognize high achievers in front of the whole company with a plaque, a bonus check, and a celebratory dinner. These events sometimes adopt a humorous tone by hiring a local comedian. They may host area celebrities or disc jockeys. However it is handled, the celebration should be upbeat and oriented to the employees being recognized.

Every company rewards employees differently, and each employee values certain gifts more than others. A planning committee might be formed to plan recognition events and to select appropriate gifts that will make the employee feel valued and appreciated.

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