Tasks On Your To-Do List to Complete Before It Starts Snowing

Tasks On Your To-Do List to Complete Before It Starts Snowing

Winter always seems to arrive much faster than we expect. After long weeks of sweltering temperatures through the summer, it seems like winter will never come. Then a couple of cold fronts march through and everything changes–almost overnight. To avoid the problems that come from being surprised by winter, get these jobs done as fall approaches so that things will go smoothly when the mercury and the snow start to fall.

Prepare Vehicles for Freezing Temperatures

We all know that plants and pets don’t tolerate freezing temperatures very well. That’s why it’s important to cut back plants and provide a warm place for pets to stay. However, it’s also important to take care of things like our vehicles. You might not think of auto glass repair as an important fall job, but a crack in your windshield can expand rapidly through the winter. Check the battery, tires, and antifreeze as well.

Buy Your Ice Melt Early

Any product related to the weather is subject to surges in demand. One word about snow in the weather forecast will quickly clear the shelves of bread and leave the home improvement stores totally empty of salt and other ice melt products. Get stocked up before the weather begins to decline so that you won’t be stuck with a panic purchase–or no salt at all.

Check Your Gutters

Snow is a frozen material, but it doesn’t always stay that way. Flakes turn into drips, and if your gutter is stopped up with autumn leaves, those drips will overflow onto the driveways and sidewalks below. As temperatures drop, those surfaces will ice over and become treacherous. Be sure you have good water flow in your gutters so that there’s no more ice on your hard surfaces than is absolutely necessary.

Create a Disaster Kit

Not every snowfall is a scenic event. Sometimes the accumulation is so deep that it leads to power outages, impassable roads, and shortages of essentials at the store. Getting prepared for the snow means having nonperishable food items, medical supplies, and drinking water on hand and ready for use. Gather these things together and set aside in your disaster kit in case of a major snowstorm.

Every change in the seasons requires some preparations around the home. Take some time in the early fall or even the late summer to get everything ready well in advance of the first flakes so that you’ll be safe and prepared for whatever the winter brings.

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