Types Of Pests to Watch Out For In Your Home During Winter

Types Of Pests to Watch Out For In Your Home During Winter

Pests may invade your home at any time. However, some pests are more likely to find a habitat in your house during winter. They invade homes to get warmer places to hide from the cold winter weather.


Beetles are overwinter pests. They must find a warm place to hide to survive cold winter weather. They find access to your home through the window, cracks, doors, and other entry points. They settle in the warmest places in the house and hide until the season ends. They may not be destructive pests. However, they can cause disturbances if they invade your home in large numbers.


Termites are likely to invade your home irrespective of the season. They are more active during hot weather, but they do not hibernate during the cold. Some species, such as subterranean termites, are less active during winter. They move to warmer habitats. They may end up in your home where the weather is friendlier. Termites ingest almost everything, primarily wooden materials.

Rats and Mice

Rats and mice are likely to hide in your home during winter. The outside weather may be too cold for these street rats to survive. They usually build nests in areas that are less disturbed. Regularly cleaning your house can help in rats and mice removal. Seal all the entry points that can be used by the rats. Ensure your stores are rodent proof. This will help to keep the rats and mice away.


Ants may infest your home during winter in search of food and materials to warm up their nests. Ants are colony pests. They move in a large group. Identifying and sealing their entry points is a recommended physical control measure. Ants may also be attracted by the smell of food and other edible materials. It is essential to safely store any food leftovers to reduce the chances of ants’ infestation.


These pests are known to harbor and spread bacteria. They find their way to your home during winter to survive. They thrive in temperatures above 15 degrees. Cockroaches hide in dark places, crevices, or in any areas with little disruption. Eliminating these pests from your home reduces the chances of contracting disease and allergies.

Pests are nuisance organisms that can destroy properties like the case of termites or cause diseases like the case of cockroaches. Pest control measures, including spraying pesticides, can help to control any pest invasion.

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