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Most people have heard of the Law of Attraction by now. The movie The Secret has swept around the globe. Various “teachers” of The Secret appeared on many of the popular talk shows, and that further helped spread the word about the Law of Attraction. The movie did a great job in getting everyone started in understanding how the Law of Attraction works.

Some people have wondered about the practical uses for the Law of Attraction. How precisely does it translate into your day-to-day life? The answer to that question has three distinct parts. Learning to manifest the things you want and need starts with your thinking process. We create our own reality with our thoughts. Unfortunately, negative thoughts seem to dominate most people.

The first lesson you must take to heart if you want to learn to manifest is that your thoughts must change. Begin by noticing how you feel. If you are not feeling well physically, your thoughts are going to follow simply out of habit. This sends negative energy into the universe. Switching those thoughts to positive will bring positive back to you. An important aspect of learning to use the Law of Attraction is emotions. Emotions are the energy for thoughts or intentions and this extends directly to manifestation. Noticing when you are feeling bad and changing it, will cause your energy to change. As you focus on thinking more and more in a positive way, thinking thoughts of abundance, you will see your life change. That is how your heart’s desire begins to become reality.

Another thing that needs stressing when it comes to attracting things into your life is that action has to be taken when opportunities arise. How do you know that what you are trying to manifest isn’t that opportunity that just came up? Perhaps you are working on manifesting wealth. Is there a business opportunity presenting itself? Opportunity for writing a breakthrough research paper or essay? If you take advantage of the chance, good things will follow. If you take no action, you get no action.

Finally, the real key to manifesting is that once you put your intentions out there, you must then let them go. Resist the temptation to have any attachment one way or the other as to the result. Compulsively wondering whether it will work, how long it is going to take, and other doubtful thinking only undoes all of your hard work. The real piece of the puzzle is patience. This will allow manifestation to occur in your life and will improve your faith in the process. This, in turn, will help things move faster when you practice this in the future.

There are endless ways to implement the Law of Attraction. These are just some of the things hopefully you will be able to apply. To your success!

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